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"Give a girl the right lingerie, and she can conquer the world."


Lingerie - Derived from the French language for women's undergarments. The French word 'linge' means linen, derived from the Latin 'lineus', made of linen or flax. There are many different types of lingerie depending on when you wear it, including bridal lingerie, everyday lingerie and erotic lingerie. Lingerie as a word, was first used to refer to underwear and bras in 1922.

Bra - Bra is short for 'brassiere' and is a type of form-fitting lingerie designed to support and shape the breasts. Bras are constructed of many different components and are available in a vast size range from 28 AA - 48 FF. Vogue Magazine first used the term 'brassiere' in 1907 and by 1911 it was in the Oxford English Dictionary.

So moving on to the fun bit...

It's safe to say, that most of us struggled with bra fitting and understanding how a bra should fit and feel...until we got our breasts measured. Whether you've measured yourself online using a Bra Size Calculator, or visited a specialist lingerie shop, with a good bra fit, you will notice the difference in your body shape and also, the way your clothes fit and feel on you. If you still have yet to measure your bra size, read Knicker Locker's Bra Fitting Guide on the how should a bra fit and how to measure your bra size at home

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"While we're both big advocates of finding a good fit in a bra as it can make you feel far more comfortable physically as well as in yourself every day, we're also strongly of the opinion that a perfect fit isn't the be all and end all. If a bra looks good and makes you feel awesome, it's not the end of the world if it's not your true bra size or ideal fit. Lingerie is made to be enjoyed as well as to support!"







Lingerie blogger, Wen, reviews bra sets for the best fit and beyond.



"For me, lingerie isn't about changing that way a body looks. In fact, it definitely helped me to own my differences and express myself in a more intimate way. Somehow, it makes me feel closer to myself and others." 






Elisabeth Dale didn't know much about breasts until she wrote a book on the subject. She created a website so readers can find the best products and write about anything related to bras, breast health and well-being.  



"Most women believe they wear only one size across all bra brands and styles. But when there is so much difference in quality and design (plus that fact that breasts change over time), it's better to consider a "zone" of sizes. That way you'll be open to finding the best fit, no matter what the tag says."






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"Bras can transform how you look, how a particular garment fits and most importantly, how you feel. Whether you want to feel comfortable, sexy, elegant or anything else, you just need to find the right bra for you. It's out there!"






Bra fitting enthusiast, Georgina Horne shares her own experiences with having a fuller figure and bust size. Discover lingerie and clothing reviews as well as bra fitting tips and fashion inspiration.



"Lingerie is the foundation of your outfit. If things don't fit or feel comfortable, the rest of the outfit will fall apart. So make sure your band feels secure, your cups aren't overflowing and your straps aren't digging in." 






Rachael is a fashion blogger who writes about beauty, lifestyle and women's empowerment. 



 "A good fitting bra can make a huge difference to the way you stand, feel and look. Your underwear is the base of your look, it's like putting primer on. It will make or break how your clothing fits and looks. A great fitting bra makes me feel confident, sexy and like I have my life in order!!"






Becky Connolly is a mum to little Reuben and writes about motherhood, health, fashion and lingerie. 



 "Professional bra fittings are massively underrated. Wearing a bra shouldn't be a weight on your shoulders - figuratively and literally. If you don't know why your bras are so uncomfortable and you're itching to throw it off at the end of the day, you're probably wearing the wrong size. Once you know the signs of a well fitting bra (a snug fit straight across the underband, cups that fully contain the breasts with no spillage or unfilled spaces, and a centre front that sits snug against the chest) you'd be amazed how great a bra can fit, feel and even look."






Valerie Wyndham talks about "The Art of Overdressing" in her fashion and lifestyle blog. She has had a career in professional wrestling, acting and modelling where playing dress up was taken to a whole new level. 


"Finding the right bra is a lot like finding the right partner: it should provide ample support and make you feel comfortable and sexy at all times."






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"Buy cheap buy expensive...I live by this quote. The more you spend, the longer it lasts and this couldn't be more true for bra's. I hate when you can feel the bra you are wearing, that's why I always spend more!!"


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