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Common Bra Fitting Problems


Wearing a bra that fits correctly will protect your neck, shoulders and back. This will inevitably change the way your clothes look on you and also improve your posture, making you look and feel great! Nearly 80% of women are currently wearing the wrong bra size. We want to change that statistic and help you understand the common bra fitting problems that women can face.

PROBLEM: The underband is riding up the back.

SOLUTION: The back size is too big for you. Try a smaller back size until it sits square along your back and is parallel to the front. You might need to go down more than one back size.

Test 1: To find out if the back size is too big, stand in front of a mirror and lift up your arms. If there is breast tissue coming out from underneath the cups, the back is most likely too big and the cup is too small.

Test 2: Another test to try is to pull on the back of the underband when fastened up. If the band is the correct size, it should pull out no more than 4cm. If it'ss more than 4cm, consider trying a back size smaller for more support. You might need to go down more than one band size.

(TIP: If you go down in the back size by one size, you need to increase the cup size by one size as well)



PROBLEM: The underband is causing red marks and sitting too low on my ribcage.

SOLUTION: The underband is too small for you. Try a bigger back size so it sits directly under the breasts instead of on the ribcage. The red marks should stop.

(TIP: If you go up in the back size, you need to decrease the cup size)



PROBLEM: There is creasing or gapping in both cups.

SOLUTION: The cup size is too big. Try a cup size smaller so your breasts fill the entire cup.

SOLUTION 2: It might be the style of bra that is incorrect instead. Try a bra style that is shallower in the cup, possibly a balcony bra or half cup bra.



PROBLEM: There is breast tissue spilling out of the cups in the front or under the arm.

SOLUTION: The cup size is too small. Try a cup size bigger so the underwires are not touching the breast tissue. You may need to go up more than one cup size.




PROBLEM: The straps are slipping off my shoulders.

SOLUTION: Try tightening your straps, so they are firmer on your shoulders. But, not too tight as they may dig in.

SOLUTION 2: It could be the bra style that is incorrect. Half cup bras and balcony bras sit square on the shoulders. Try a full cup bra, so the straps sit more central on your shoulders.



PROBLEM: The bra straps are digging into my shoulders.

SOLUTION: This means your bra straps are too tight. Your bra straps might be compensating for the lack of support around the underband. Try a back size smaller to get more support.

(The straps only give you 20% of the support. The underband should be the most supportive element)




PROBLEM: The underband is lifting up at the centre front.

SOLUTION: This can mean that the cup size is too small and therefore the breasts are pushing the front away from the ribcage. Try a cup size bigger.



PROBLEM: My breasts are different sizes, I can't get a bra to fit both sides.

SOLUTION: It's normal for women to have different size breasts, for some it is more noticeable than others. We advise fitting to your bigger side to get the most support. It is always possible to add a silicone pad or chicken fillet into the smaller side.



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