How to Buy Lingerie for Her

Buying lingerie for your girlfriend, wife or partner can be difficult, even for those well versed at it, and for men, it can be even harder. Lingerie can be a fantastic gift for her if you follow a few simple rules. This simple guide about how to buy lingerie for her will help you with top tips on how to pick the perfect lingerie set and get it right the first time. Remember, it all starts with what's underneath! 


Lingerie Buying Guide


1. Bra Size 

A woman's bra size is the hardest bit to guess, so there's no point in trying! Make some time to look in her lingerie drawer or laundry basket to check the size of her favourite bras. Her bra size may vary, so make sure you check a few different bras.

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2. Bra Style

There is a lot of choice when it comes to picking the bra style. It's good to know if she prefers padded or unpadded bras, and underwired or non-wired bras, but even better if you know the particular shape she likes. You can take a look at our bra style guide to help you. It's also worth taking note of the lingerie brand she wears too, as this can be a big help.You should be able to find this on the bra label when looking for the bra size.

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3. Dress Size

If you planning to get a matching lingerie set, it important to know her dress size, so you can get the right size knickers. Take a peek at her favourite items of clothing or knickers to find her right size. This could be Small, Medium, Large, XL or 8, 10, 12 etc. 

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4. Knicker Style

This will be slighter easier than her bra style. The three main knicker styles are thongs, shorts and briefs. Find out which one she prefers buying looking through the laundry basket or her underwear drawer or you may find out that she likes them all.

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5. Colour

It's good to pay attention to the colours she wears in her lingerie or clothing. Pick a colour or shade you know she can wear with her outfits or you could be daring and go for a colour that she doesn't have in her lingerie drawer. Black and navy blue are very popular as they are very elegant an versatile. Red is no every woman's favourite colour, so pick carefully.

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6. Add in something extra

Suspender belts, stockings and hold-ups are a great way to top off a lingerie set and make it extra special. Our Lingerie Soak Wash is also great for women who love to take care of their delicate lingerie. 

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7. Gift Wrapping Service 

Presentation is key and it can earn you extra brownie points. With Knicker Locker's gift wrapping service, we make sure your lingerie set is beautifully wrapped and packaged when it arrives to you. Make sure you tick "Add Gift Wrap" on the shopping bag page. 


Where to buy lingerie for her?

If your looking for a selection of popular lingerie brands at great prices, Knicker Locker is a great place to start. We offer a fantastic selection of women's lingerie from brands such as Wacoal Lingerie, Pour Moi Lingerie, Freya Lingerie and many more. We also stock suspender belts and hosiery to make her lingerie set extra special. 

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