Boob Positivity: It's all about matching lingerie


The next instalment in our Boob Positivity series is all about matching lingerie. Now, lingerie can be downright beautiful, but completely terrifying at the same time, especially if you are new to it. How many matching sets do you have in your lingerie drawer? And do you always buy the matching knickers with the bra? For most women the answer is usually 'hardly any' and 'no'. 

But buying matching lingerie can be a revelation for both you and your lingerie drawer. It's the first item of clothing you put on in the morning and the last you take off, so you need to love it! Buy and wear lingerie styles that make YOU feel great about yourself and no one else. Loving your lingerie comes from fit and style to suit your shape, so we highly advise getting bra fitted first to discover great-fitting bra sets to build your lingerie drawer. Invest in classic shapes that you can wear everyday such as a T-Shirt bra, a plunge bra and a bralette, then you can slowly build out your lingerie when you figure out what you like and what is comfortable. Don't go straight for the basque or three-piece suspender set!


Top Tips 


Match your bras and briefs 

Wearing matching lingerie makes you feel all of a piece. It can help you feel sexy and confident in your body knowing that you are wearing beautiful lingerie underneath. It creates a sense of independence, control and sassiness that every women wants to feel. It incredibly important to get great fitting bras to give you uplift and shape, but you also should invest in great fitting knickers that are comfortable and supportive.



Get more than one pair of knickers to match each bra

When buying a bra that fits you really well, it's worth investing in more than one pair of knickers to match. You usually wear the bra more than once, so it's nice to have 2 -3 matching knickers. You may even want to mix up your styles and get a brief and a thong depending on what you like to wear. It's a good idea to have different knicker styles to co-ordinate with your clothing, you may find that a brief shows too much VPL! 


Or colour co-ordinate

You don't HAVE to purchase the matching knickers with every bras set, especially if you don't like the style or they don't have the right size available. But you can look for co-ordinating colours in other shops to match the bra. It's a great way to still get a matching set and find the right shape for you. You don't have to spend a fortune either, you can hit some of the high street stores to match the colour.


Be more adventurous with colour and prints

It can be incredibly monotonous to buy the same colour lingerie all the time. It makes sense to have black, white and skin colour bras in your drawer to co-ordinate with your clothing, but they don't have to be boring! Jazz up your lingerie and go for slightly lacier designs that still work with your outfits, or try a gorgeous floral print for a change. You can even try some great colour alternatives:


Black Alternatives

  • Dark Purple 
  • Navy Blue 
  • Graphite Grey
  • Burgundy Red


White Alternatives

  • Blush Pink
  • Ivory
  • Pale Yellow


Try a bralette set for the weekend 

Bralettes are a personal favourite of ours because they are very pretty and extremely comfortable. Forget your favourite, most comfortable bra in your lingerie drawer and invest in a bralette. We guarantee you won't want to wear anything else! The sizing is slightly different to a standard bra, so make you sure you check the size charts before buying. They are very versatile and can go up to a FF cup.  



Suspender Belt Time? 

If you have never worn a suspender belt in your lifetime, we recommend trying one for a special occasion. Some lingerie sets do have a matching suspender belt to co-ordinate, otherwise opt for a black lace suspender belt that will sit well with most colours. They are sexy and ultra-feminine to spice up your lingerie set, and don't forget the stockings! 



Getting creative with your lingerie doesn't necessarily mean spending a fortune. You can collect bits and pieces along the way that will keep in your lingerie drawer, and if you take care of it by washing and storing it correctly, you can make it last a long time. Lingerie is a lot like clothing when it comes to buying and wearing it.

  • Always try on the lingerie and make sure it fits you well and gives you a great shape.
  • Buy a piece or two every so often to build up your wardrobe.
  • Always have a couple of basic colours and shapes to go with every outfit. 
  • Try on different shapes to see what suits you the best. You never know unless you try.
  • Take care when washing and storing it, to make it last longer.
  • Be more adventurous with colour and lace. It'll make you feel good!



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