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How To Put on a Bra 


Some women believe wearing a bra is a necessary pain, but it doesn't have to be. Once you have the correct bra fit with the simple method of putting on a bra, you will experience a new world of extreme comfort and support. 

There are four easy steps to put on your bra correctly.

These steps are taking into consideration a new or fairly recent bra where it has not stretched yet. Most bras do have good stretch recovery, but if the bra has stretched over time due to wash and wear, you can always switch to a tighter hook on the back. This is also the same with the shoulder straps, if they stretch over time, make sure you tighten them up to ensure the right support.



Step 1: Position the bra over your breasts in the cups and put your arms through the shoulder straps, allowing your breasts to fall into the cups.

If you find fastening your bra up from the back difficult, try fastening up the bra up at the front and twisting. Go careful when you twist the bra round because you don't want to warp the underwires or stretch the elastic.





Step 2: Fasten the underband on the loosest hook. A new bra should always be fastened up on the loosest hook, so when the bra starts to stretch, you can tighten it up.

Step 3: Adjust the bra straps to the correct length. We recommend leaving a 2cm gap between the shoulder and the bra strap. Wash and wear will result in the straps loosing their stretch. Make sure they are at the correct height every time you put your bra on to give you the best fit possible.





Step 4: And finally, you need to check your breasts are sitting in the correct place. A lot of bra fitters call it the 'swoop and scoop', where you bend forward and 'swoop' your breast tissue away from your armpits and 'scoop' it from the underneath of the underwires. Your breasts can then sit in the cups with great uplift and forward projection.




These steps are only a guide to show you the best techniques to put on a bra, enabling you to get the cups and bra straps in the correct place, as well as checking the bra fit is right every time. If you are unsure about these techniques or would like more advice on bra fitting, talk to us on our online chat, email us at or ring us on 01305 858847.

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