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How Should a Bra Fit?

Finding the perfect bra fit is not always easy, but if you get it right it will enhance your overall appearance and body shape. When your breasts sit in the correct place your waist will look slimmer

Regardless of your cup size, when you get the correct bra fit, your nipples should sit half way between your shoulder and your elbow.

Why not try our bra size calculator to see if you are in the correct bra size?

As well as finding the correct bra size, you also have to take the bra style in to account. If your bra feels uncomfortable, the reason could be that the bra style you are wearing does not suit your body shape – to remedy this, try a different bra style instead. We have a page dedicated to all the Bra Styles available to help you.

Take a look at our bra fitting guide for more information on bra fitting.

Or follow these simple steps below.

Step 1

Get The Correct Back Size

The back size provides most of the support for your breasts; it needs to be firm but comfortable. The underband should sit parallel to the front of your bra.

We recommend a new bra should be fastened on the loosest hook, this will allow for natural stretching of the material after washing and wearing. You can then tighten your bra onto the remaining hooks as required.

If your bra is riding up your back, try a smaller back size but ensure you increase the cup size at the same time.

Make sure:

  • The bra straps sit parallel at the back; and
  • The bra straps do not dig in to your shoulders (not too tight or too loose); and
  • The underband sits level all the way round the front and back.



Step 2

Get The Correct Cup Size

The cup size focuses on the fullness of your breasts. If the cup size is incorrect, it can alter the shape of your body and cause the underwires to dig in.

If your breasts are bulging over the top of the cups or the underwires aren’t sitting flat on your breastbone, the cup size is too small. Try a bigger cup size until your breasts are fully encased in the cups.

If, however, there is creasing or spare material in the cups, or the underwires are too high and dig into the breastbone, try a smaller cup size.

Make sure:

  • The underwires lay flat against your breastbone and at the top of the underarm; and
  • There is no bulging or creasing in the cups; and
  • All the breast tissue is encased in the cups; and
  • The underwires are not too high or digging in anywhere.

We want you to feel satisfied with every purchase you make with us. If for some reason you have worn a bra that is uncomfortable or you are unhappy with it, contact our customer service team for further bra fitting and style advice on or on 01305 858847.



How Often Should I Check The Fit Of My Bras?


Every woman's life is unique, and throughout it, our bra sizes are likely to change. This can be affected by lifestyle changes, special events and occasions.

It's good to regularly check your bra size as much as possible, but ensure you have the correct fit in the following situations:

  • Through pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breasts will increase and decrease in size throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Any weight loss or gain through dieting or gym routine can change your bra size dramatically.
  • If you change or start any hormone medication.
  • During your monthly cycle, your breasts may get tender and increase in size.
  • When your current bras are digging in and getting uncomfortable.

We advise to check your bra size at least once a year.

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