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Bra Style Guide


There are many different bra styles that will suit your breast shape better than ever. When fitting for a bra, you need to take in to account the different bra styles that are available. There will always be at least one style that will suit your breast shape better than the others, and it's worth remembering for future reference. Each bra has a unique purpose and will suit different occasions and lifestyles.

Full Cup Bras - A full cup bra is designed for women who like more coverage and support. The straps come from the middle of the cup and are more central. Ideal for woman with fuller busts.

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Balcony Bras - Balcony bras are lower across the bust than a full cup bra. They create a horizontal neckline. They are ideal for wearing with square or round neck clothes and have wide set shoulder straps.
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Half Cup Bras - Similar to the balconette shape, but offers minimal support and coverage and sits just above the nipples. Ideal for woman with smaller busts.
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Plunge Bras - Plunge bras have a very low centre front, creating a V shape. This style can be padded or unpadded. Ideal if you want to reveal more cleavage or wear clothes with a low neckline.
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Push Up Bras - Push up bras will include padding to give your bust an extra boost and maximum cleavage.
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T-shirt Bras - T-shirt bras create a smooth line under any clothing with no visible cup seams showing. They are generally slightly padded or moulded to give great shape. 

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Soft Cup Bras - Soft cup bras do not contain any underwires. The support comes from the fabrics and the shape of the bra. They are ideal for everyday use and for extra comfort during pregnancy.

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Bralettes - A bralette is a bra without underwires or moulded cups. They are generally soft, lacy and lightweight with minimal support. Perfect to wear as loungewear. 

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Longline Bras - A longline bra is a bra style where the under-band extends further down towards the waist. They come in different lengths and are sometimes structured like basques to offer more support. 

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Minimiser Bras - Minimiser bras are used to reduce the overall bust measurement by flattening them against the body.
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Strapless Bras - Strapless bras, also known as multiway bras, are designed to give you the shape and support you need without the use of straps. The detachable straps can also be used as a cross-back, one shoulder or halter-neck.
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Stick on Bras - Stick on bras are the same as adhesive bras and have no back or shoulder straps. They use silicone/adhesive to stick themselves to the body and stay in place so they don't show under low cut outfits.

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Sports Bras - Sports bras are designed to compress your bust with total coverage. They offer maximum support and reduce bounce when doing sport activities. Every woman should wear one when doing sports to avoid sagging and stretching the ligaments in the bust.
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Maternity Bras - Maternity bras are designed for comfort during pregnancy. They are usually non-wired, so when you fluctuate in bust size the underwires do not dig in.

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Nursing Bras - Nursing bras are used for breast-feeding after pregnancy. They have drop down clips for easy access to the breasts. They are normally non-wired and have additional hook and eyes to allow for fluctuation in breast size.
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Mastectomy/Pocketed Bras - Mastectomy bras have hidden pockets in the cups to support a prosthesis or breast form. The pockets are generally cotton lined for extra comfort.
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