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Half Cup Bras

Our range of half cup bras at Knicker Locker are adorned with delicate lace and beautiful colours for a sexy and sultry bra style. A half cup bra is perfect under low cut tops or as sexy lingerie for the bedroom. Discover matching thongs, briefs and shorts to co-ordinate. 

Both half padded bras and half cup push up bras are extremely popular with lingerie brands like Fantasie and Huit. Discoverable our new arrivals with women's bras, knickers and lingerie sets to choose from.

If you struggle with bra sizing, read How to Measure your Bra Size and the Perfect Fit for great starting points to getting the correct bra fit.


What type of bra should I wear?

What type of bra you wear will depend on what breast shape you have. We recommend reading our Breast Shapes guide to find out which breast type you are and the best bra style to suit you. Read Now >>

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