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Bra Fitting Guide


Bra Fitting & Measuring for a Bra

We have used our expertise to put together a selection of top tips, helpful hints and advice on bra fitting and measuring for a bra. We understand that body shapes and bra sizes vary, but remember to use these bra fitting guides to help you understand the basics of your bras.

Bra Size Chart

We have designed a simple bra size chart to show you the similarities in cup size and back size with UK, US and Europe.

Surveys and studies have revealed that a lot of women tend to wear the wrong bra style and more often than not, wear the wrong bra size. It is very common for a woman to have the back size too big and the cup size too small. However, we understand that a lot of women are not taught the basics of bra fitting and we want to change that. If you would like more advice you can contact our customer service team at or 01305 858847

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