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How to use Boob Tape


Boob tape, also known as Fashion Tape, Lingerie Tape and Body Tape is extremely popular to wear with awkward dresses and tops with low backs, plunge necklines and wedding dresses. It's used throughout Hollywood with celebrities and models for secret support! Most boob tape can be applied to the skin, clothes and underwear to hold everything in place. 

It's basically like clear double sided sticky tape...but hypoallergenic.



It can be tricky to get a good result first time with taping, so we recommend practicing a few times to get the hang of it, especially if it's for a special outfit. How you use the boob tape will depend on the outfit you are wearing and where you need extra lift, support or stay in place. 

How to apply Boob Tape:

  • Pick up the required amount of boob tape.
  • Remove one side of the paper and apply the tape to the skin or underwear.
  • Remove the remaining paper from the other side. 
  • Apply to your clothing and press down firmly. 
  • READY! 

WARNING - Be extremely careful when you are removing the tape from your skin. It can be painful and even rip skin, so we recommend pealing it away very slowly. If you are having trouble getting the tape off, have a hot shower or soak in the bath.


How to tape up breasts for strapless dresses:

Depending on the type of boob tape you buy, can depend on the length and width of it. Some of the smaller boob tape is only designed to keep your dress in place, stop it from slipping down or prevent gapping, whereas some of the bigger boob tape is designed to offer support and uplift to your breasts. There is no perfect way to apply the tape, but we recommend cutting off a long strip that will sit under your breast and go up to your shoulder. Start by applying the tape to the bottom of the breast and lift up to the shoulder and stick down. You can apply more tape to your breast to get the desired look and shape you want. Watch this video below: 




Other Bra Solutions

There is a variety of other adhesive bra solutions on the market including stick on bras, foam cups and backless bras that may provide better results or can be used in conjunction with boob tape. If you specifically want to hide your nipples, we recommend using nipple covers instead of boob tape. They are specially designed to discreetly cover up the nipples with soft padding and tape.


Tips on Taping

  • If you are concerned about getting a reaction from the boob tape, we advise doing a patch test first by applying a small piece on your skin and leaving it on for roughly half an hour.
  • Don't apply boob tape over broken, damaged or sun-burnt skin, as this can be very sensitive.
  • Before applying the boob tape, make sure the skin is clean and dry and not coated with moisturiser or powder. This can cause the boob tape not to stick.
  • Avoid sticking boob tape to sensitive parts of your skin and areas where you can sweat a lot. 
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