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Backless Bras

All the 'sticky' details about backless bras



What type of backless bras are there?

There are three popular types of backless bras available. This can be down to personal preference or cup size as to which one you choose:


Fabric backless bras - They are fabric foam cups with adhesive on the inside that stick to the breasts. These are the Nudi Bra Stick on Bra, Cleavage Lace Up Stick on Bra and the Backless Beauty.


Silicone backless bras - They are cups made completely from silicone with a form of adhesive on the inside to stick to the breasts. These are the Nudi Boobies Stick on Bra and the Lift-Its.


Stick on bras - They are shaped lingerie tape that do not have any padding or silicone. They just use adhesive tape to stick to your breasts and provide uplift. These are the Invisilifts.



How do backless bras work?


Essentially, backless bras stick to your skin to provide lift and support. They are different to normal bras as they use silicone or adhesive to stick to to the breasts without the use of shoulder straps or an under-band. They are pretty straight forward to apply, but may take a few practice runs to get it right! Lots of people want to know if they work and how they work, so read our simple backless bra guide here and you will become a master in no time!


The first thing to remember is that backless bras don't like moisture. Products such as body lotion, body oils, self-tan and make-up is a no no to apply before using a backless bra. It's best to take a shower and dry yourself completely before applying the bra. You can apply these products on after you've stuck the backless bra on, but try to avoid that area.


Are backless bras comfortable?

Backless bras will feel completely different to a normal bra. They will provide shape and support, but not to the same extent as a normal bra, because they do not have the straps and under-band. They are designed not to irritate the skin, but some people can be allergic to the silicone, so it's worth testing out the backless bra on yourself before you wear it for an entire evening.


Do they work for DD?

Yes they do. Lingerie brands such as Secret Weapons and Magic BodyFashion have backless bras that are available up to an F cup. However, backless bras do not work for every bra size. If you have lost firmness in your breasts due to weight loss or pregnancy, this will effect how a backless bra will fit.



What size backless bra should I get?


Backless bras offer slightly different sizing to standard bras as they are have no back, so they are generally sized by just the cup size. This can make the sizing more flexible when it comes to picking the right size for you.


Some women will go up a cup size in backless bras so they have more coverage and slightly more support. If you are unsure on your bra size, try out our Bra Size Calculator which will give you an up to date bra size.


How long do backless bras last?

Some stick on bras come in a pack of 5 are not reusable, but most fabric and silicone backless bras are reusable up to, at least, 10 times depending on how you look after them. The best thing to do is read the instructions and check how to clean and store them, so you can get the most wear out of them.


Which backless bra is best?

This will depend on what sort of outfit you need to wear a backless bra with, as they come in a few different shapes. The picture above shows you the types of shapes backless bras can come in, where they feature lace up centres and clip on centres for more cleavage or the separate stick on cups.

Knicker Locker offer a range of backless bras including the Invisilifts, that are adhesive skin tape that lift your breasts up to 5cm. They come in two sizes, A - D and DD - F, and are hypoallergenic, waterproof and transparent.

We also have the Nudi Boobies silicone stick on bra that has silicone cups with a centre clip to give good uplift and increase the bust size. It is reusable from cup sizes A - E cup.

View our range of backless bras in our Bra Accessories collection >


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