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Fitting Locker


Get the right size and style to suit your shape


We all know that different brands and styles have their own unique sizing. A pair of Zara jeans will not be the same size as a pair of M&S jeans, it's the same with underwear and swimwear. As long as you know how they should fit and feel, you are already half way there.


Follow these simple sizing tips:  

  • Be honest with yourself when buying underwear. Don't go for anything too tight or too big for you.
  • Don't worry about what the size label reads. As long as it fits you and you're comfortable, that's all that matters.
  • Always try on more than one style and size, you never know which one might suit your body shape best.



Fitting Locker

Discover the Fitting Locker where you can get great fitting advice on all things underwear and swimwear. We have great bra fitting guides and men's underwear guides to ensure you get the perfect fit and style every time.

Our swimwear guides look at women's body shapes and the swimwear styles to suit, as well as useful tips on washing and caring for your swimwear.

We also have specialist guides including a maternity & nursing guide, fitting for mastectomy bra and a sports bra guide with great fitting techniques, bra styles and popular FAQ's.


What are balcony bras?

Balcony bras are a style of bra that cuts across the breasts to create a horizontal neckline. They offer a shallower shape than a full cup bra and the shoulder straps are set wider apart. Balcony bras suit women who are slightly shallower at the top of the breasts and have broader shoulders. 

How do you tell if your bra is too small?

The first sign that your bra does not fit correctly is if you are uncomfortable or in pain, which should not happen at all. You should, however, be able to feel your bra on you. The second sign would be if you have a 'double boob' or your bra is cutting into your breasts. This means the cup size is too small. Read our common fitting problems and the perfect fit for more information.

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