The Best Mens Swim Shorts For 2020


Summer is finally appearing (or so we hope!) and we are on a mission to get you guys into some world class swim shorts and swimming trunks that will make you look and feel fashionable and comfortable where ever you are, whether you are sunbathing on the beach or chilling in your blow up hot tub in the garden.

Nowadays, it's just as important for men to look and feel their best when stripping down to their swimwear, just like it is for women. 

To help you upgrade to the best men's swim shorts to suit your style and body shape, here's a few things to keep in mind when you're hunting around.  

  • Length - Length is important when it comes to swim shorts. The most flattering length for your swim shorts is two inches above your knee. There's nothing worse than shorter men having too long shorts for their legs and vice versa! 
  • Waist - Be realistic when it comes to the size of your waist. Drawstring and elastic waistbands offer a great fit with more flexibility when you are swimming. 
  • Style - Pick a colour and print that matches your fashion style. Avoid prints that are child-like and too garish, so you can co-ordinate them with the rest of your summer outfit. 


Board Shorts vs Swim Shorts

For the avoidance of doubt, board shorts are swim shorts designed for surfing and water sports that are made from strong smooth Polyester or Nylon material. They are a lot heavier than standard swim shorts as they need to withstand the contact made with surfboards and other sports equipment. Board shorts are loose fitting, sit at the knees for a longer swim style and are generally not recommended for the competitive swimmer. 

Swim shorts are a much more versatile shape for swimmers, sitting by the pool and playing sports on the beach. They are made from lighter weight fabrics with elastic waistbands for ease of fit and flexibility. The lengths will vary from different swimwear brands, so it's worth checking this before buying.


Mens Swimwear Trends 2020

Mastering men's fashion trends can be difficult enough, without having to think about your swimwear wardrobe. But when it comes round to the summer season, it's worth checking that  all your swim shorts still look and fit well, instead of leaving it to the last minute. Make sure they are not tight around the waist or legs, too long or short in the legs, and the fabric hasn't faded.

There is a lot to say about men's swimwear considering that just one square piece of clothing covers your modesty. So to help you nail your swimwear style this summer, we've highlighted some of the best swimwear trends for 2020.  


Animal Instincts

Animal prints are always a popular choice in swim shorts, especially when it comes to sea creatures and marine wildlife. Generally the prints are fun and playful and work well with plain coloured t-shirts or vests for a fashionable look. Pick a colour that works well with your skin tone and you wear a lot of in everyday clothing. 

The Bermies mens swim shorts are funky and colourful and inspired by exotic animals. With drawstrings, elasticated waistbands and side pockets, they are extremely flexible and offer superb comfort when swimming, sunbathing and playing sport activities. 


Bermies Blue Whale Original Swim Short - £40

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Bermies Camel Classic Swim Short - £40

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Bermies Octopus Classic Swim Short - £40

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Sport Luxe

Another top trend for mens swimwear is sport luxe with block colours and stripes that look both fashionable and functional. Stripes are not just for business, in swimwear, they are extremely flattering on the body. Vertical stripes help elongate your legs and horizontal stripes add more width around your waist. This trend is easy to co-ordinate with the rest of your attire and will not go out of style.

If you're feeling brave, you can embrace this sport luxe trend with swimming trunks that offer a snug fit and cover...well not a lot, but they are great for active swimmers who want great freedom of movement.

Jockey swimwear offers a range of fashionable men's swimming shorts and swim trunks made from lightweight, quick drying fabrics and innovative designs for a comfortable and supportive fit.


Jockey Key West Sport Swim Trunk - £26

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 Jockey Nautical Beach Red Long Beach Short - £30

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