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This months task for us (AKA The Knicker Locker Team) was to take a closer look into the well known brand Seaspray and find out the secrets behind their swimwear...

About Seaspray

Seaspray Swimwear have built a reputation for their longer length and control swimsuits.  They also make fabulous bikinis and matching shirts and pareos. Each garment is specially designed to enhance and flatter the figure for great body confidence. Seaspray know that as well as looking good, your swimwear has to perform well.  They use high quality fabrics and colours to make sure their swimsuits exude luxury and quality, generally lasting 10 times longer than the average swimsuit.  Their slogan "See the difference...Feel the difference" captures the essence of the company and what they have achieved for the last two decades. 

For Spring/Summer 2016, Seaspray's inspiration comes straight from the catwalk and famous artists such as Ruth Daniels and Monet. The collection includes swimsuits, bikinis, pairs and maxi dresses in abstract prints and colour blocks.  Alongside this, Seaspray has its classics styles with Polka Dots, Just Colour, Just Black and Plain Style running all throughout the year.


What makes their swimsuits so great?

Seaspray's secret lies in its unique cut and styling of each garment.  Many Seaspray swimsuits include a form of ruching along the front panels.  It's there to disguise figure flaws and generally camouflage lumps, bumps and unevenness.  Ruching is a French term meaning to gather, ruffle or pleat.  It is a sewing technique where fabric is gathered in a repeated pattern to form ruffles, scallops or petals.  This slimming and shaping effect is perfect for all body shapes. 

Seaspray also use a unique blend of fabrics in their swimwear which include advanced Lycra yarn and power mesh support.  Lycra is man-made elastic fibre invented and produced by DuPont.  The yarn can be stretched 4-7 times its initial length before it springs back to its original state.  Lycra Xtra Life fibre is used throughout Seaspray swimwear as it protects the fabric against degradation up to 10 times longer than unprotected fibres as well as resisting fibre breakage caused by the chemicals in pool water and sunscreen.  The power mesh fabric has a four-way stretch and is added as a lining in the swimsuits for lightweight, breathable support around the waist and tummy area. 

Seaspray produce a range of swimsuit styles with longer body lengths.  It can be very difficult to find long length swimsuits anymore.  These swimsuits are not only good for women with longer torsos but also for curvier figures around the tummy and hips.  The extra fabric provides a comfortable fit.   

The Seaspray Classic Collection

Seaspray's Classic Collection consists of many shapes and styles with new colours released every season for a fresh look.  These bestselling swimsuits are figure flattering and perfect for the pool or beach.

The Just Black collection offers a choice of the favourite 'little black swimsuits' for every body shape.  With gentle support, fabulous draping and soft handle fabric, these glamorous styles are ideal for any activity.

The Polka Dot collection is a favourite that's loved by woman of all ages.  The vintage style designs come in three fun colours - poppy, navy and royal blue for a feminine but fun look.    

The Just Colour group features an array of bold, solid colours and stylish shaping to give you an effortless figure that flatters, enhances and supports wherever you are.  Fashion colours include violet, aqua, royal blue and lipstick pink. 

The Plain Style group offers three of their bestselling figure-flattering swimsuits complimented by a selection of easy-care shirt cover ups.   


Knicker Locker Product Review - Seaspray Polka Dots Twist Front Swimsuit

By the Girl In The Pink Bra

First Impressions

I received a special parcel yesterday from Seaspray Swimwear.  I was thrilled when I opened it and found this beautiful red polka dot swimsuit!  I mean who doesn't like polka dots?!

This swimsuit is part of the Polka Dots collection with 3 gorgeous colours to choose from including Navy, Poppy and Royal Blue.  Poppy is the newest fashion colour and I have to say i'm a sucker for bright colours!  This collection also consists of several swimsuit styles depending on your body shape and preference.  I went for the Twist Front Longer Length Swimsuit in a dress size 10, being a bra size 32E i thought the extra fabric would help with my bust size and also fit more comfortably.    

The Inspection...

The Seaspray Polka Dots Twist Front Swimsuit has medium tummy control which I can see on the inside.  There is a lightweight mesh panel lining on the front which I hope will hold in my tummy a bit!  I can instantly feel the fabric is amazingly soft on the skin, so it should be very comfortable to wear.  The fabric consists of 82% Polyamide, 18% Extra Life Lycra Elastane excluding the linings.  I like the thickness of the shoulder straps but I see there are no strap adjusters to tighten or loosen them.  This could be seen as a problem especially if the fabric loosens over time and the straps go slack, however, from a comfort perspective this could be a good thing particularly when sunbathing on the beach!  Seaspray swimwear is only available is dress sizes and not cup sizes and I notice the foam cups look quite small.  I'm hoping that it will be big enough in the cups to give me a nice shape.  I generally buy cup sized swimwear because I am quite full busted but I am intrigued to try it on and see how well it fits! 


The Wear Test

With a little bit of time (and shimmying) the swimsuit went on a treat!  The size 10 comes up true to size and it fitted nicely around the bum and stomach.  I could feel the inside support panel was firm but not constricting in any way and extremely lightweight.  The vibrant red colour worked well against my skin tone (I am very pale!) and it looked fun and fashionable.  I think this print would look great on women of all ages. I really like the pleats and gathers across the bust as it gives a very flattering shape.  

I was sceptical about the bust size and after trying it on, it was better than expected but it still didn't give me the support I'm used to.  The top covered my bust really well and I wasn't spilling out at all but I did feel like I wanted a higher back for more bust support. This is purely down to personal preference as some women may prefer a more light and comfortable fit and the low back is great for getting a bit of colour! The straps sat nicely on my shoulders and didn't feel like they were digging in but were firm enough not to loose their shape quickly. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this swimsuit, preferably for women who wear bra sizes D cup or below.  It is a classic shape with great tummy support and a pretty vintage print.  The style is flattering and would suit every body shape.  I'm already packing it ready for my holiday! :-)

Psst...Don't forget to use Knicker Locker's Tips on How to Wash your Swimwear! You can make your swimsuits last so much longer! 

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Styles Available at Knicker Locker


1. JUST COLOUR Draped Wrap Swimsuit - This swimsuit is fabulous for all body shapes. It has been designed with medium tummy control and a longer body length.  The adjustable straps and soft foam cups give extra support for a great bust shape. 

View Now


2. POLKA DOT Twist Bandeau Swimsuit - This fun and fashionable print is loved by woman of all ages and with a longer body length and light tummy control, it flatters a range of body shapes.  Perfect for sunbathing with a detachable halter strap. 

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 3. JUST COLOUR Draped Bandeau Swimsuit - This swimsuit features elegant draping all across the front and bust line for a sophisticated, light control shape.  It has a detachable halter strap for sunbathing and soft foam cups for support. 

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4. PLAIN STYLE Halterneck Swimsuit - This beautiful flattering shape has a draped tie front to pull in the waistline and a halter-neck tie to add a touch of glamour.  With light tummy control and soft cups for a comfortable style it's ideal for any holiday. 

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5. PLAIN STYLE Draped Crossover Swimsuit - This swimsuit is a bestseller with medium tummy control and contouring seams.  It's perfect for curvy figures and has a longer body length for great body confidence. 

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Seaspray has a wide variety of swimwear to suit every woman's body shape.  Whether you are heading to the swimming pool or going on a well deserved summer holiday don't forget to check out Seaspray's swimwear collection here at: 




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