Summer Swimwear 2016

Top Ten Beach Destinations 

  • Mexico 
  • Seychelles
  • Mauritius 
  • Barbados 
  • Fiji
  • Maldives
  • Puerto Rico
  • Aruba
  • Saint Lucia
  • Jamaica


Swimwear Styles for body shapes

Sometimes it's difficult to know exactly what style swimwear suits your body shape.  It may look like we all have different bodies but really they are more similar than we think...  We've compiled a list of 5 distinct body shapes that you can identify with your own.  Look out for our top tips and advice when picking out your swimwear.  


The classic HOURGLASS figure has a small, well-defined waist and equally proportioned fuller bust and hips. This enviable shape suits a range of swimwear styles ready for your holiday!  

Celebrity Shapes - Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian 

  • Wear matching bikini sets in one colour or matching prints to keep your top and bottom half in proportion. 
  • Bandeau/Strapless swimwear with underwiring are extremely flattering on an hourglass figure. 
  • Choose a swimsuit to accentuate your curves! With waist detail and ruching to draw attention to your slim waist. 
  • If you don't want to exaggerate your curves steer clear from string bikinis and monokinis! These will accentuate your widest areas.  
  • Retro swimwear with high waisted briefs and boxy halter tops will help highlight your Hourglass shape. 


The PEAR shape is curvier at the hips, waist and thighs and smaller on the bust.  When choosing swimwear be aware of balancing out your proportions.

Celebrity Shapes - Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce 

  • Look out for eye catching or padded/push-up bikini tops to instantly create cleavage and accentuate your bust area.
  • You can pair a patterned bikini or tankini top with plain bottoms to draw attention to the top half of your body.
  • Accentuate your narrow shoulders with a bandeau top or asymmetrical swimsuit.
  • Keep your bottom half modest and simple with classic high-leg bikini briefs to elongate your legs. 


The APPLE body shape is wider around the waist than the shoulders and hips.  Look for swimwear styles that flatter your waistline and accentuate your body.

Celebrity Shapes - Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson

  • Swimsuits with wrap-around/cross-over over fabric around the waist work a treat!  They pull in your waistline and give your body curves. 
  • High-waisted briefs with a bikini or tankini top are great for covering up and smoothing out your waistline.
  • Look for bikini bottoms or swimsuits with gathers, ruching or shirring detail.  


The RECTANGLE figure is 'straight up and down' which means a small bust and narrow hips/waist. Choose swimwear to enhance you shape and create curves.

Celebrity Shapes - Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel

  • Flaunt your figure with less coverage to give the illusion of more curves.
  • Choose bold prints, ruffles, ruching and embellishments for your swimwear, it will give you more shape.
  • Monokinis are a must have, any cutouts give you instant curves!
  • Go for smaller bikini briefs with tie-sides and any extra detailing, the smaller they are the fuller you look. 
  • Padded tops and triangle halter necks will instantly create cleavage.



The STRAWBERRY shape has a fuller bust, broad shoulders and slimmer waist/hips. You will require more support of the bust to balance out your body. 

Celebrity Shapes - Katy Perry and Catherine Zeta Jones 

  • Go for swimwear that has bra sizes, underwiring and adjustable straps for great support. The better the fit the smaller they will look!
  • Avoid ruffles and heavy embellishments on the top to minimise attention from your bust.
  • Swimsuits with higher backs will provide better support for your bust.  
  • Avoid choosing Bandeau/Strapless tops that will draw more attention to your top half.
  • Try swim dresses or brief skirts that will bring your body back into proportion at the bottom. 
  • You can mix and match your bikini sets and wear a plain bikini top with patterned briefs. 


Styles available at Knicker Locker

Summer is here and our shop is full of fun, frivolous and figure-hugging swimwear that will make you body confident wherever you are.  From bikini, tankinis, swimsuits and breach dresses, there is something to suit every woman's body shape. Choose from bestselling brands including Moontide and Freya.  


Jamu Australia - Mastectomy Swimwear for Women 

Jamu Australia is a well known brand that specialises in ladies Mastectomy Lingerie, Swimwear and Beachwear.  They were first established as a brick and mortar store in Brisbane which designed bespoke fashion swimwear. After a simple question of "Can you design mastectomy swimwear?" Jamu was restructured to specialise in luxury mastectomy wear.  They were voted as the 2011 and 2012 Winner for Best Post Surgery Brand of the Year by the lingerie industry. 

Their niche collection offers a variety of exciting shapes from bikinis, tankini and swimsuits.  Every style is pocketed on both sides with integrated foam cups and a soft Microfibre lining for maximum comfort and pure elegance. They are designed for every woman who wants to feel confident again after breast surgery.





Great Workout to get bikini ready

After reading the latest Women's Health Magazine, we came across a great workout by Natasha Oakley.  We think these exercises are perfect for getting your bikini body ready for the beach!  Follow her 16 Day Tone Up with a healthy diet for a cracking result!


Swimwear Care

It's highly important to make sure you look after your swimwear when on holiday.  It helps keep the fabrics soft, the colours bright and maintains comfort and support for a longer life!

  • Follow the care label on every garment to ensure the best protection against the sun, chlorine, sun creams, salt water and perspiration.
  • Do not use fabric conditioner when washing as this can break down the Lycra and degrade the swimwear. 
  • Do not put your swimwear in the dryer, let it dry naturally on a towel.
  • Rinse your swimwear straight after use to get rid of any residue before washing. 
  • We recommend a gentle machine wash after every 3-4 uses to get rid of the chemicals that hand washing might not. 
  • Wash all your separates together, allowing the colour to match if one fades. 
  • Do not put any excess heat on your swimwear as this can damage the fabric. 

If you're not sure the best products to use on your swimwear, try out our special Soak Wash.  It is designed to wash your favourite garments including lingerie, hosiery and swimwear and gives it a light, fresh aroma without any overbearing scents. This gentle rinse-free formulation consists of plant derived & renewable ingredients as well as being biodegradable, dye-free and phosphate-free.


Check out all our Soak Wash fragrances:


Swimwear Travel Tips

from The Girl in the Pink Bra

  • Always make sure you take about 3 pieces of swimwear on holiday with you, well you wouldn't want to get caught wearing the same item every day now would you!  
  • If you have any swimsuits or bikinis with moulded cups, lay them flat in your suitcase and pack them one on top the other. This keeps their shape so they don't get crushed!
  • Apply your sun tan lotions before putting your swimwear on as it can stain the fabric. 
  • Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis generally consist of a high chlorine content and can damage your swimwear, so be careful what you wear! 
  • Don't leave your swimwear in direct heat or on hot surfaces when drying. The fabrics can dry out, fade or possibly burn. 
  • Only pack up your swimwear once it's completely dry. 

 And don't forget to have fun and enjoy a cocktail, preferably a rum punch! 


Top Ten Summer Reads

The One we Fell in Love With - Paige Toon

The Little Red Chairs - Edna O'Brien

Always with Love - Giovanna Fletcher

The Lake House - Kate Morton

Luckiest Girl Alive - Jessica Knoll

The Samaritan - Mason Cross

The Improbability of Love - Hannah Rothschild

The Quality of Silence - Rosamund Lupton 

The Night Book - Richard Madeley

Song of Love and War - Santa Montefiore


Enjoy this summer season on the beach with your new swimwear and a good book!




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