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It's the season for fabulous swimwear so we (The Knicker Locker Team) wanted to dig a little deeper into best selling brand Moontide, famous for their fashionable, colourful, great fitting swimwear including swimsuits, tankinis, bikinis and beachwear. 


The History & Ethos behind Moontide

In 1980, Moontide launched it's first collection in Auckland, New Zealand and from there on have strived to build a globally recognised business and brand. Their aim is to give beach confidence to every woman when wearing Moontide swimwear. One of the driving forces behind Moontide's ethos has been to reflect on the monumental changes in fashion and lifestyle for the modern woman. They understand that fit is paramount ensuring that all Moontide garments are fitted and then refitted again in order to achieve the perfect fit. 

Moontide was voted No 1 Best Selling Swimwear label by UK retailers in The Swimwear Year Book 2012 by Underlines Magazine. 


Moontide 2016 Collection 

Moontide's Summer 2016 collection was inspired by many colour combinations and fashion trends on the catwalk from all over the world. They have introduced exotic prints and shapes to make sure you look your best on the beach. Check out their Spring/Summer mood boards...




Unique size guide

Moontide's cup sized swimwear selection offers bra sized bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits which have single cup fittings (B - F, 8 - 16) as well as dual cup fittings of B/C, C/D, DD/E, F/G. They also offer standard dress sizing on a variety of shapes. The wide variety of sizes allows them to offer styles to suit every body shape. 

In 2015, Moontide introduced a Fuller Cup option in their Twist collection, you can now choose between 2 bust fittings as well as choosing from a selection of prints and colours. Each print collection offers at least 3 bikini styles, 2 tankini styles, 2 swimsuit styles and 4 bikini bottoms.  

They have had continued success with their Booster Bikini Top that enhances the bust by two sizes to give great cleavage without compromising on comfort and fit. It is lightweight, fast-drying and moulds to your bust size and available in sizes 8 - 14, A - C. A new revelation for Moontide is their Freedom Support Cup where instead of metal wires, you have a new injected silicone wire which gives support without the intrusion and stiffness of metal. 

Moontide are dedicated to constant development and improvement of their swimwear, not only in style and fashion but also the fit and function too.





Knicker Locker Product Review

Gabon Bikini and Tankini Set

By The Girl In The Pink Bra 

First Impressions

I was very excited when I ordered my Moontide Gabon set.  I had three weeks to go until my holiday and I was dying for a new swimsuit or bikini to wear! I had a nosey in the warehouse and instantly spotted Gabon on the shelf. I was instantly taken by the colour combination of blue, orange and the exotic print.  After some quiet contemplation, some umming and aahhing about whether to get the bikini or the tankini... it dawned on me... I could have both and match them with one pair of bikini bottoms! (What a great idea, yay me!).  So I ordered myself the 10E/32E Bikini Top and Tankini Top. I was a little unsure about what size bikini bottoms to order as I have never tried Moontide before.  I tried the size 10 on in the Ruched Front Bikini Brief and to my surprise came to the conclusion that I was "Going to need a size 12".  So a size 12 it was!

After waiting what seemed a lifetime for me (only joking!) the parcel arrived a week before my holiday.... It came parcelled and every garment was individually wrapped.  I was glad to see the tankini and bikini top both had plastic cups underneath them to protect the shape of the moulded cups.  

The Inspections 

After unwrapping them and taking a closer look, I was really happy with my choice. The blue and orange colours were both beautiful and vibrant and the cup sizes also looked very promising.  I don't usually go for swimwear or bras with a lot of padding in the cups, but I thought the shape of both styles looked nice and they went up to my cup size!  After holding them up, I noticed the moulded cups were actually rather heavy which surprised me.  I hoped it wasn't going to be too hot wearing them in 30+ degrees! 



The Bikini top is the exact same shape as the tankini, with moulded cups, adjustable straps and the criss-cross fabric on the front.  I assumed that if one style fitted me the other would too.  It's great to see Moontide keep similar shapes throughout their collection.  It makes life a lot easier when you can trust the fit and the brand when purchasing from them again.  

The Wear Test

Gabon Tankini

I tried on the Ruched Front Bikini Brief first, and the size 12 fitted me perfectly.  I would normally wear a size 10/Small brief but in some brands I do wear a size 12/Medium depending on how generous they are.  I would suggest if you are between sizes, to go for the bigger size when purchasing Moontide Swimwear because they do come up small in the size!  The tankini top did not have any fasteners for easy access so it had to go over my head, which proved a bit of a mission with the moulded cups!  But once I got it on and had a little jiggle, it really did fit well.  The cup size is a great fit and didn't gap at all even with the pre-formed cups.  I found the ruching across the front and the criss-cross fabric on the cups were extremely flattering on the body.  I always believe swimwear should have adjustable straps so I was happy to see the tankini and bikini top both had them. 




Gabon Bikini

The Gabon Bikini top fitted just as well as the tankini top did, although it did come up firmer around the back.  This is most likely because the tankini did not have a clip fastener on the back.  The bikini top had the same draped fabric across the front which I think gave the bikini top a lot more appeal when on the body.  I liked that the bikini top felt exactly like wearing a bra, I could adjust the straps, it had underwires which gave me great support and the cup size was spot on without any gapping or bulges.  The bikini brief was a classic high-leg style with ruching all over and matched both styles really well.  I didn't feel they were too skimpy or even too full. 




The Verdict

Well the fact that I packed both of them in my suitcase is definitely saying something!  It was great to take both styles on holiday with me and to test them out.  I was able to wear both styles twice and wash them.  I was impressed with the tankini top as it didn't ride up in the water like most tankinis do. It was firm around the stomach and gave great support. 

The bikini set was great to wear too, there was a lot of support with the bikini top with the underwires and moulded cups, so I felt very comfortable and confident wearing it around the beach. 

If I had to choose between the tankini or bikini set, I would sway towards the tankini set because it felt firm and comfortable and I loved the way the ruching looked on the body. 

If you haven't already, do check out Moontide's collection, there is an abundance of prints and styles that will suit any body shape -

Psst...I'm already planning my next holiday! 



Styles at Knicker Locker


Our Top Pick

Bienvenue Swimsuit - This gorgeous statement piece will catch the eye of thousands!  The multicolour geometric print showcases beauty and contemporary fashion, with its high neckline and open back.  It tells the tale of a beautiful sunset. 

View Now



Our Best selling Collection 

Gabon -  The latest trendsetting styles along with beautiful tropical colours make Gabon a favourite this season. The collection includes an underwired swimsuit and padded bikini set. 

View Now




Our Floral Favourite 

Osaka Bikini Set - This set is elegant and stylish with it's 50s inspired bikini brief and halter bandeau bikini top.  With full coverage and a strapless option, its perfect for sunbathing.  The delicate multicolour floral print is a must have this summer season.

View Now 



New prints coming out this year 

What do you think about the new colours and prints available from Moontide this August. We think they are gorgeous!  


Moontide is crafted for the fashionable, young hearted women who want to look fabulous by the water.  Keep in touch with the latest Moontide ranges from Knicker Locker by signing up to our newsletter -  


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