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A little bit of History about Gossard Lingerie

Established in 1905 by Henry Williamson Gossard in Chicago, Gossard first began producing corsets and other women's garments after spotting actress Sarah Bernhardt transform her figure in a specially designed corset. Their first revolutionary idea was to move the laces of a corset from the back to the front for easier access and more comfort.

In 1920 the Gossard brand moved to the fashion capital London to open a central UK office and soon became a British company instead of an American Corporation.

In 1940, during the Second World War, Gossard's production was turned over to assist the war effort and was producing everything from brassieres, sails, convoy balloons, lifebelts and parachutes.

In the 1950's, Gossard launched the Perma-Lift range of bras and girdles which featured a 'magic insert' made from soft, cool lightweight fabric in each cup to provide permanent uplift.

By the 1960's, Gossard diversified and starting producing fashionable bras and revolutionised the lingerie industry with the launch of the soon-to-be famous Wonderbra.

From the 1970's,it was noted that women's figure were starting to change and becoming taller and fuller in the bust area. This meant the demand for larger cup sizes was increasing, so Gossard started developed ranges up to a DD cup with the Superbra became the bestselling larger cup bra.

From then on, Gossard has used it expertise and innovation to be at the forefront of the lingerie industry and continues to create supportive cleavage-enhancing lingerie that are both glamorous and comfortable.



What is Gossard Lingerie renowned for?

Gossard is renowned for Heritage and style and trusted for producing beautiful great fitting lingerie up to a G cup. They create timeless lingerie collections that transcend from day-time into night. They have won numerous awards including the 2015 and 2015 'UK's Favourite Lingerie Brand of the Year' and have cemented their place at the pinnacle of British lingerie design.

You can expect luxury lace, sheer mesh detailing and other beautiful embellishments on all Gossard bras and knickers, but they also lead the way with comfort, fit and support. With plenty of choice in bra styles up to a G cup, including boosting push-up bras, smoothing t-shirt bras and frivolous longline bralettes, it's no wonder Gossard lingerie is amongst the UK's favourite lingerie brand.




Gossard Bra Styles Explained


  • T-Shirt Bra - A great seamless shape under t-shirts with moulded cups and light padding for shape.  
  • Padded Plunge Bra - A favourite shape for Gossard customers. From a natural uplift to a push up shape, every padded plunge bra has a unique design. 
  • Push-Up Bra - Gossard's push up bras offer extra 'boost' with extra padding to uplift the cleavage to amazon new heights.
  • Bralette - Gossard's colourful bralettes are worn to be seen, with longline bralettes and soft cup bras.
  • Underwired Bra - Gossard's non-padded bras give natural shape and extra comfort up to a G cup with just as much glamour.




The Bestselling Gossard Ranges 


Superboost Lace

The Gossard Superboost Lace collection gives you great shape and comes with the Gossard superior fit all the way up to a G cup. the exclusive moulded lace combined with super soft meshes, luxury microfibre strapping an class Gossard finishes offer you luxury and glamour for all occasions. With 4 different bra styles, 2 knicker styles and a matching suspender belt, the choice is yours!

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Gossard Glossies 

The Gossard Glossies collection also features the Glossies Lace range, both as popular as the other. The sheer moulded bra offers a barely there feel that is invisible under clothing and gives a natural shape and support. Glossies Lace has specially engineered Chantilly lace that for an ultra-lightweight finish with no seams up to a G cup. Ooze sophistication and femininity in the favourite Gossard Glossies. The collection includes a moulded soft lace bra and 2 knicker styles.

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Gossard aims to ensure women everywhere feel confident and glamorous when wearing their lingerie collections. With its finger on the pulse in the fashion industry, Gossard offers the perfect balance between innovative designs and delivering excellence in fit from A - G cup. 


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