Bra Styles Explained


Who knew buying and choosing your bras could be so difficult?! With over 10 different bra styles, each one can work for different occasions, as well as for different breast shapes. It's important to remember with bra styles, that not all of them will suit your breast shape. There will always be one or two bra styles that suit your breast shape better than the others, but it does also come down to personal preference and how you want your breasts to look and feel. If your bra is not fitting you correctly, this can be down to the bra style as well as the bra size. 

We are here to give you the low down on all the bra styles available and their unique features, so you can become a bra pro the next time you go lingerie shopping online or in store.


What is a balcony bra

A balcony bra sits lower across the bust to create a horizontal neckline and is perfect for women who have shallower breasts at the top, but still need support and shape. It has wide set shoulder straps and is perfect for wearing with lower cut tops with square or round necklines. A balcony bra works for fuller busts up to a H cup.



What is a plunge bra

A plunge bra has a very low centre front creating a V-neckline and can be padded or unpadded. This style is great for revealing and enhancing the cleavage and wearing with low v-neck tops or dresses. The low centre front also works well for women who have more of a wider gap between their breasts, so the underwires don't dig in to the breast bone.



What is a full cup bra

A full cup bra can be called a few different names including full coverage bras, side support bras and support bras. They offer you more coverage and support with a high centre front and the shoulder straps are more centralised on your shoulders. Full cup bras are perfect for women with fuller busts up to a H cup. 



What is a bralette

 A bralette can also be called a soft cup bra, but there is a bit of controversy about what a bralette is exactly. A bralette was originally a bra without any underwires or moulded cups and is generally soft, lacy and offer minimal support for women up to a D cup. The bralette has developed over the years due to popular fashion trends and now you can get underwired bralettes, longline bralettes, bralette tops and full figure bralettes for women who are above DD+ cup.



What is a push up bra

A push up bra has padding in the cups to offer maximum cleavage and give your breasts a more uplifting shape. Some push up bras have pad inserts that can be removed from the bras for a more versatile shape. The padding can be made from foam, moulding or even silicone for unique shapes and effects.



What is a t-shirt bra

A lot of people refer to a t-shirt bra as a moulded bra, and they are very similar in style. A t-shirt bra has smooth cups that don't show under tops with no visible seams showing. It is generally padded or moulded to offer a rounded shape. A moulded bra has preformed cups that has been made with heat technology to create a rounded shape. It can be made with or without padding.



What is a half cup bra 

A half cup bra, sometimes referred to as a demi bra, offers minimal support to the breasts and generally sits just above the nipples. This style can be padded or unpadded and cuts across the breasts for a horizontal neckline and has wide set shoulder straps. A half cup bra is great for B - DD cups who are looking for a more seductive style with minimal support.



What is a strapless bra

A strapless bra is designed to hold your breasts up without the use of shoulder straps. Most strapless bras have detachable shoulder straps that can be adjusted to make a racer-back, cross-back or halter-neck. This is also known as a multiway bra, where the straps can be used in multiple ways. A strapless bra or multiway bra will have silicone across the underband, so the bra will stay firm and supported for long periods of time.



What is a longline bra

A longline bra is where the bra's underband extends further down your body towards to waist. The underband can be made from soft lace or sometimes more structured like a basque. A longline bra is a new fashion trend that is widely used as 'outerwear' rather than 'underwear' and is seen in fashion magazines teamed up with blazers.



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