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What is my Breast Shape?


The beauty with our breasts is that they do come in all different shapes and sizes, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the right bra to suit our breast shape. Here is a simple guide to show you easily identifiable breast shapes as well as what bra style would suit each shape the best.






Asymmetric is where one of the breasts is larger than the other one. A padded bra with removal pads can help equal out the breasts. Simply remove the padding from the bigger side and you can either use one or two pads for the smaller side.

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Athletic is where the breasts have less tissue and wider muscle. A classic push up bra would help accentuate the curves and create more of a cleavage.

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Bell Shape


Bell shape is where the breasts are slimmer at the top but fuller at the bottom. You need a full cup bra with lots of support to lift the breasts up.

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East West


East West is where the nipples are pointing in the opposite direction and the breasts gravitate to the outside. A padded bra or t-shirt bra will flatter your natural breast shape whilst bringing your breasts close together.

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Relaxed is where the lax tissue and nipples are pointing downwards on the breasts. A padded bra or push up bra will give your breasts more shape at the top and lift the breasts.

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Round is where the breasts are equally full at the top and bottom. A simple underwired bra or balcony bra without any padding will be comfortable and keep your natural round shape.

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Side Set


Side set is where there is a wide space in between the breast. A plunge bra or balcony bra will pull the breasts closer together and the centre wires will be low enough not to dig into your breast bone. You may find full cup bras will dig in as they are higher in the centre front.

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Slender is where the breasts are smaller on the top than the bottom and longer than they are wide. A plunge bra or padded balcony bra would work well to make the top of the breasts appear fuller.

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Tear Drop


Tear drop is where the breasts are rounded but slightly shallower at the top than the bottom. This shape can accommodate most bra styles from a balcony bra to a plunge bra.

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