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Swimwear Guide

Swimwear for your Body Shape 

Swimwear can give us body confidence as well as great shape and support, so it's worth investing in a swimwear piece that suits your body shape. Read our swimwear care page to find out the best ways to wash, dry and store your favourite items. Don't forget to browse our Soak Wash collection for a great eco-friendly solution.

Every woman has a favourite bra or swimsuit that they would like to keep forever. The best way to make sure you extend their life and keep them beautiful for longer is to know the best ways to wash them. This preserves the quality of the garments, from the soft lacey cups to the elastic at the back for support. Not caring for your garments can cause damage and affect the way they fit you. If you would like more advice you can contact our customer service team at or on 01305 858847

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