How to Buy Underwear for Him

It's not always easy knowing what to buy your husband, boyfriend, partner or fiancé when it comes to a special occasion such as Christmas, Birthdays and Father's Day. Do you buy him something gimmicky, or something you're not sure he's going to use, or do you buy him something that is both fashionable and functional and you know he's going to wear it? 

We, at Knicker Locker, believe buying presents for him doesn't have to be difficult and it all starts with what's underneath. His underwear! 

Men are creatures of habit, and they also have their favourite underwear that they wear ALL the time. Underwear is not something that men always invest in and buy on a regular basis. They wear their underwear until it has holes in, or the elastic waistband has stretched! That's why buying underwear for a gift for him is a great idea, if you get the size and style right. 

Read here about our top 5 tips on getting a great underwear gift for him.


1. Underwear Size

Underwear sizes vary from brand to brand, so it's worth checking his underwear drawer to make sure of his size. Take note of the underwear he wears the most and what size they are. (You may already know this off by heart!) Some underwear brands use Small, Medium, Large and XL, whilst others may use the waist measurement 32, 34, 36, and 38. 

Men's Underwear Size Guide



2. Underwear Style 

There are a few men's underwear styles available, so it's good to know if he prefers briefs, trunks or boxer shorts. He may like them all. Take a look at our mens underwear guide to look at all the different underwear styles available. The most popular style for a man to wear is the boxer short that offers a fitted and supportive shape. You can see this shape used in popular underwear brands like Pullin Underwear and Waxx Underwear

Types of Mens Underwear



3. Base it on his interests

Knicker Locker's funky men's underwear and socks feature great unique prints that you can buy based on his hobbies and interests. Choose from a selection of animals, sports, cars and many more to get something extra special for him. 

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4. Add in some socks

Socks are a great way to top off any gift for him, especially alongside a pair of funky boxer shorts. A man is always in need of new socks in his drawer. The Drake & Hutch socks are great quality using Cotton rich fabric with unique prints to surely make him smile. 

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5. Gift Wrapping 

Earn extra brownie points by including a special gift wrap on his present. Knicker Locker have gift boxes and personalised messages with every gift wrap service. You can choose this option at the Knicker Locker's shopping bag page.

We hope this guide helps you pick out the perfect underwear gift for him.


Here is some great underwear inspiration from Knicker Locker that would make the perfect present for your husband, fiancé, partner, dad, uncle or brother. 


Waxx Bananas Boxer Short | £25


Pullin Master Icetus Boxer Short | £35














Waxx Amazon Boxer Short | £25


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Fantastic guide! Your tips for buying men's underwear are spot on. Concise and informative. Thanks for simplifying the process.

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