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How many types of Men's Underwear are there?


Underwear is the first item of clothing you slip into everyday of your life, so it's important to feel happy, comfortable and supported.

Underwear is most likely the last item in a guys wardrobe that they invest in, however, we, at Knicker Locker, believe finding the right type of underwear will make you feel more body confident and will also make your clothes look and sit better.

Why not take a look at the most popular types of men's underwear below.

As well as finding the correct size, you also need to take the underwear style in to account. Make sure the leg bands aren't too tight and the waist-band is nice and snug.

Take a look at underwear for your body shape to find out more about choosing the right style underwear for your body shape.





Briefs are superbly supportive and can be the best choice for men with bigger thighs. A new generation of men's briefs have hit the underwear market making them a popular style for comfort and fashion.

  • Briefs offer a snug fit for superb support and comfort.
  • Sometimes they are called 'Y-Fronts' with the extra Y-shape panel at the front.
  • Ideal for sportsmens (E.G football players) as they don't ride up and they support the crotch.


Boxers offer the greatest breathability and are less revealing than any other underwear style.

  • Boxers offer very little support in the crotch.
  • They are known to have a baggy cut and have an elasticated waistband, but new fashionable styles offer shorter, slimmer cuts with a stretch waistband.
  • They are popular to wear as sleepwear because of their breathability and high Cotton content.
  • Don't sit well under tight jeans or suit trousers as they can bunch up.


Trunks are a shorter version of the boxer short and have grown in popularity due to the rise in skinny jeans.

  • Trunks fit more flush against the skin than boxer shorts and often offer a higher stretch content.
  • This style has a lower waistband meaning it sit low on the hips.
  • Ideal for slimmer men with long legs. The tight fit means they won't leave a bunch of excess fabric around the thighs. Men with larger thighs might find that the legs ride up.


This is a mixture of both the brief and boxer, with the shape of a traditional boxer. This is the most versatile style and will suit most men's body shapes.

  • Boxer shorts usually stop at the mid to low thigh and offer high waistbands.
  • Offer more coverage than a brief, but still with a fitted style.
  • Great for taller men with larger posteriors. Can avoid rubbing/chafing between the legs.
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