Embarrassing questions men don't want to ask about underwear


Men are very coy when it comes to talking about their underwear and underwear habits they may have. They generally don't update their underwear drawer as much as women do and can keep the same  boxer shorts for years....yes, we know you do!  We suppose, it's something men don't talk to each other about a lot, maybe because they prefer to talk about something more interesting or maybe they are embarrassed to ask. With underwear becoming so ingrained in fashion and clothing these days, it's impossible not to talk about it! 

For those who are curious about these burning questions men want to ask, but never do...we have put together some Q&A's that you may find quite interesting. We discuss just what men want to ask when it comes to their underwear.




  • How often should I wash my underwear?

A general rule for underwear is that it should be washed everyday as it covers areas that breed a lot bacteria. It's not healthy and can cause illnesses if you wear underwear for more than one day. You should also make sure you wash your underwear straight after sports or exercising, as this is where a lot of sweat and bacteria build up. Washing underwear is very easy. For hand-washing, all you need is some delicate wash and a washing up bowl. If you do use the washing machine, make sure you only use a delicate wash cycle, to make your underwear last longer.

  • How many pair of underwear should I actually have?

We would recommend at least having 7 - 14 pairs of underwear, so you can put on a wash every week or two. If you do regular exercise or sports activities, it's worth having a couple of extra pairs to use specially for these. If you have more, then great!

  • What's the best fabric to wear?

This is really down to personal preference and how sensitive your skin can be. Underwear is commonly made from Cotton or a Modal fabric and of course this can also depend of whether you prefer a brief, trunk or boxer. Cotton is great for sensitive skin as it is breathable and soft against the skin. Most underwear you will see will have a cotton lining on the inside. Modal fabric is becoming more popular, especially in close-fitting fashion underwear, as it provides a silk-soft feel, is hard-wearing and is colourfast. 

  • Is it bad to wear the same underwear two days in a row?

YES IT'S BAD! Although, it's sad to say that roughly 18% of men tend to wear the same underwear twice or more before washing, according to YouGov research > Read Here (Yikes!). Wearing underwear more than once without washing can possibly cause illness and health issues, which we are sure you'd rather not have! 

  • Can I go commando?

It's not necessarily a bad thing to go commando, but some things to take in to account would be to make sure you wash and change your clothes regularly as genitals do carry a lot of bacteria. Also, try not to wear clothes that are tight, as this can irritate sensitive areas causing rashes and other infections. We also advise not to try on any new clothes because bodily fluids can be transferred onto the clothes, and we wouldn't want that!

  • How long should I keep or replace my underwear?

This will depend on how often you wear every pair of underwear and also what condition they are in. If the fabric is extremely stretched and they contain holes, then we suggest you chuck them in the bin! You will notice when the elastic waistband starts stretching and loosing elastic, also when the fabric has faded or when the fabric has stretched and you are getting no support, this is the time to replace them. Make sure when you buy new underwear to check that you are still getting the correct size and style for your shape. Read Men's Underwear Guide

  • What underwear should I wear when I exercise?

A lot of men generally wear the same boxer shorts that they were everyday, and that's fine as long as you change them straight after exercising and put on a fresh a pair. Your body would have produced a lot of sweat and bacteria whilst working out, so make sure you put them straight in the wash! However, you can get underwear designed to wear whilst exercising that feature microfibre fabric designed to fight odour causing bacteria to help keep you cool and comfortable. Funnily enough, Knicker Locker are launching an Active Sport Underwear range from Jockey this August! Keep an eye out here > Jockey Underwear


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