How Do Bra Extenders Work


How do bra extenders work?

If any of you have used a bra extender before, then you know that they are a bit of a faff! However, they do provide a purpose when it comes to pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight gain and other physical changes to your body. Bras can be expensive to buy, especially if you buying new ones every time your body changes shape or size. Sometimes, you just need a little extra room around the back of the bra for comfort until things settle back down. This is where a bra extender comes in very handy. 

A bra extender attaches to the back of your bra on the hooks and then attaches to the other side on the eyes. You can adjust the hook and eyes as necessary so you feel comfortable. They can attach to any bra you have and extend the bra to the desired width. 


REMEMBER: Check your bra hook and eye width against the width of the bra extender before purchasing. Different bra sizes and brands vary with the underband width and so do the bra extenders. 


What is a Bra Extender? 

A bra extender is simply a row of hook and eyes that you attach to the back of you bra to add extra width. There are usually multiple hooks, so you can adjust the width accordingly to what feels most comfortable. 

You can buy different size bra extenders depending on your bra. There are 1 hook, 2 hook, 3 hook and 4 hook. You just need to check how many hooks there are on your bra and also the width of the strap. 


Magic Bodyfashion Bra Extenders

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