The Best Bras for Party Dresses


Christmas is all about the party season, with big Christmas meals and celebrations, it's impossible not to get excited about planning your outfit and making sure you have everything you need for each occasion. But with the perfect outfit, you always need the perfect bra. A bra can make or break a party dress, so it's important to find the best style bra to suit it. So where do you start...well, we recommend you start right here....


Bras for Backless Dresses

Even though backless dresses look BEAUTIFUL on the body, they can be a bit of a pain when it comes to finding a bra. You don't want anything to show around the back, but you still feel like you need support and shape at the front. 

I know you're do backless bras work? Well, they are quite simple really. Backless bras use silicone or adhesive (bit like double sided sticky tape!) to stick to your skin without the use of straps to keep the bra in place. You can shift the bra around so you get some lift. Remember, a backless bra will never give you the same support a normal bra would, but for one special night, it's worth it!

In honour of me always looking on here to find a dress...I'm going to pick some of my favourite dresses from ASOS and match it with the best bra to suit it. 


Pictured: Wonderbra Low Back Bra in Nude / ASOS EDITION Batwing Leaf Embelished Maxi Dress

This combination works perfectly. The ultimate low back bra has all the shape and support a normal bra does, just with a slightly lower back. It has progressive padded cups for great cleavage and goes up to a DD cup. 


Pictured: Magic BodyFashion Backless Beauty / ASOS DESIGN High Neck Backless Midi Dress

 The Backless Beauty would sit perfectly under this high neck dress offering support and a bit of shape. It has no straps or back that will show under the dress and will give a smooth appearance. You could always use a piece of lingerie tape to stick the bra to the dress for extra security in case it pokes out the sides. 



Pictured: Magic BodyFashion Lift-Its / ASOS DESIGN Velvet Deep Plunge Maxi Dress

The Lift-It's are incredibly versatile as they are separate silicone cups and no centre front, so you can wear extremely low cut dresses/tops with these and they won't show. You can always use a piece of lingerie tape to stick the dress to the silicone cups, so there is no gaping or showing. 




Pictured: Secret Weapons Invisilifts / ASOS DESIGN Scuba Cami Pephem Midi Dress

These Invisilifts are extremely popular with dresses/tops as they will sit under anything and you can cut them to the shape you need. They stick to the top of your breasts, so you can pull your breasts up for a bit of lift. You can also add on nipple covers with these if you wish to make them unnoticeable. Below is a great video from Secret Weapons on how to apply the Invisilifts Breast Lift Tape. 




Backless bras for big busts

Now you want to ask me...well what about backless bras for big busts? Backless bras are not always suitable for fuller busts, because of the weight, a backless bra just won't hold them up. However, if you are between an E and F cup, there are options available such as the Backless Beauty. This is available up to an E cup and the Invisilifts have a size DD - F, which fits cup sizes DD, E and F.

If you are looking for a backless bra with shoulder straps, I would recommend the Wonderbra Low Back bra (as pictured above). You can use the straps to make a halter-neck, one-strap or cross-back and it gives a great shape, so it's extremely versatile. 



Bras to wear with a halter-neck

Most strapless bras with removable shoulder straps can easily be changed into a halter-neck, otherwise I would advise wearing it strapless, so you don't see any of the straps. Don't forget the take into account whether your dress/top has a low plunge or not, as this could affect the bra style. Generally, strapless bras have a higher centre gore to offer extra support, but you can get strapless bras or multiway bras that have a lower centre gore such as the Faithfully Yours Strapless bra (as pictured below).


Pictured: B.Tempt'd Ciao Bella Strapless Bra / Forever U Halter Neck Wrap Ruffle Dress

The Ciao Bella Strapless Bra is absolutely gorgeous, so you shouldn't worry about showing this slightly! You can wear this without the straps or with the straps on depending on your style of dress/top. It suits this halter neck ruffle dress perfectly with its high neckline and no shoulders. 



Pictured: B.Tempt'd Faithfully Yours Strapless Bra / Lavish Alice Frill Bandeau Midi Dress

The Faithfully Yours Strapless Bra has integrated padding for lift and shape with a low plunge centre gore that will sit perfectly with the frill bandeau midi dress because of its sweetheart neckline. This bra does have removable straps that can be worn for a halter-neck, cross-back or racer-back which makes it very versatile. 

With any multiway or strapless bra, you can purchase separate Invisible Clear Bra Straps that you can attach instead of wearing coloured straps or strapless so you get more support.


I hope from this you have a better idea of what bra styles are out there that can suit a range of party dresses. You should consider the shape you want under your dress, your cup size and what colour would work best. Now you've got the bra, let's work on the knickers...


The best knickers that work under every dress

Nowadays, sometimes it's just as easy going commando than trying to hunt down a pair of knickers that won't show at all under your dress. But I don't believe that is completely true. Just have a look below. 


These are the Fantasie Smoothease briefs that use seam-free technology to adapt to your body shape and leave a smooth finish under your dress. You can get a full brief or standard brief in just one size, and this size fits from X-Small - X-Large. 

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Otherwise, you can opt for the Jockey Skimmies Slipshorts. I know what you're thinking....OMG they are not pretty, but from experience they are incredibly comfortable and your dress will just slide over them. They are available in black and nude and in two lengths, if you suffer from thigh chafing, these are perfect! 

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