What is a Balcony Bra


What is a Balcony Bra? 

Balcony bras are supportive bras that are lower across the bust than a full cup bra. They create a horizontal neckline and still offer great support and shape for the fuller busts. Balcony bras generally have wider set shoulder straps and a perfect for wearing with square or round neck clothes. 

Balcony bras are ideal for women who are shallower at the top of the breasts as balcony bras cut across the bust for minimal creasing. They usually have two seams across the cups for optimal uplift and stretch lace for a great fit. 

Balcony bras work great for fuller busted women up to a K cup, especially if you want a lower sexier bra style. They are generally non-padded balcony bras with extra lining in the bottom of the cups to provide extra support and shape. 


Different types of Balcony Bras

  • Padded Balcony Bra
  • Non-padded Balcony Bra
  • Push Up Balcony Bras
  • Moulded Balcony Bras


What are balcony bras good for?

Balcony bras are great for everyday wear for a natural and uplifting shape with a lower neckline. They suit all bra sizes from an A cup all the way up to a J cup, depending on the brand you wear. Balcony bras look great under any outfit, as well as round-neck and square-neck tops. They are extremely versatile to wear and are very popular with most women who wear a DD+cup.  


Best lingerie brands for Balcony Bras

Depending on the bra size you wear, it can vary what lingerie brand will suit your shape best. If you wear below a DD cup, brands such as Wacoal lingerie and Pour Moi lingerie are perfect for pretty everyday balcony bras including popular padded balcony bras and push up balcony bras. If you wear a bra size from DD +, lingerie brands such as Freya lingerie and Curvy Kate lingerie create great fitting balcony bras up to a K cup. Balcony bras from a DD+ cup are less likely to have padding in them, but instead have extra lining at the bottom of the cups to support the breasts and give them uplift.


Freya Lingerie

Freya lingerie create fashionable and supportive balcony bras up to a K cup. The are one of the biggest UK lingerie brands that offer superb comfort, support and shape without compromising on style. They create moulded balcony bras for a seamless shape under t-shirts and non-padded balcony bras for the fuller busts.

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Freya Erin Underwired Plunge Balcony Bra | Knicker Locker



Fantasie Lingerie 

Fantasie lingerie is renowned for their side support full cup bras up to a JJ cup, but they do also have a wide range of beautiful balcony bras that offer the same great support and shape. Their elegant styles and high quality fabrics ensure unparalleled fit and comfort for all women who wear them. They even offer balcony bikini tops  up to a HH cup that fit in the same way their bras do. 

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Katherine Hamilton

Katherine Hamilton specialises in luxury fuller cup lingerie including non-padded balcony bras up to a HH cup. They use the finest fabrics and finishes, from soft Silk and French lace, to ensure high quality and luxury detail. Their lace balcony bras provide forward projection and a round silhouette without any padding. 

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Pour Moi Lingerie

Pour Moi offer fashion-forward lingerie that is perfect for everyday wear without the need blow your budget. Their range of balcony bras include push up balcony bras and non-padded balcony bras up to a J cup, so there is something for everyone, no matter their size, style or budget. 

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Knicker Locker stock a wide range of balcony bras from a variety of popular lingerie brands up to a H cup, including plus size balcony bras and a balcony bra sale to get them at a fantastic price. It's important with every bra to make sure you are in the correct bra size for optimal support and comfort, no matter your size. Knicker Locker pride themselves in providing great Bra Fitting Guides to help you get the best bra fit for you.

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