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The Anatomy Of A Bra

Here’s a helpful guide to all the different features and elements of a bra.




1. Straps - These connect the cup to the wing at the back.

2. Adjusters - These adjust the length of the should straps. 

3. Apex - The part where the cup join the straps.

4. Cups - The cups support the breasts and can be padded and lined for extra support.

5. Centre Front/Gore - The piece in between the cups that sits flat against the chest.

6. Cradle - This part helps position the cups and wires firmly against your chest.

7. Wings - The wings when fastened up are used to pull the underwires into position and secure the bra around the body.

8. Underband - This is the band that runs under the bottom of the bra. It should fit firmly against the body, providing most of the support.

9. Sling - A sling is incorporated into some bra styles for extra support to the side of the breast. It is popular in fuller cup sizes if the fabric is delicate. 

10. Hook and Eye - This fastens the back of the bra up. Your bra should fit firmly on the loosest hook and eye. Your bra will stretch over time and with use, these are designed to ensure you can tighten your bra by using the middle and tightest hooks to keep the back firm.

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