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Jockey Skimmies Slipshorts



One of Jockey's top selling women's products in the US has arrived in the UK and is available to buy at Knicker Locker. The Skimmies Slipshorts are seamless confidence boosters that feel smooth like a slip and cover like shorts. 

They are a must have for your lingerie drawer and work wonders under your clothes, whether you are going to a party, summer BBQ or a day at the office. The soft non-restrictive fabric allows clothes to glide over you, creating a comfortable and flattering look. They are also perfect for women who struggle with thigh chafing when wearing dresses and skirts.



"These under shorts are exactly what I have been looking for! They're a fantastic lightweight material and are the perfect length for summer dresses. They go down to about mid thigh so I can still wear them with above the knee dresses. Not constricting at all and don't roll up or down." - Chloe 


"Absolutely amazing. No chub rub at all. They don't roll down and stay in place all day. I wore them over my underwear and even with this heatwave I was not sweating like a pig. For a larger lady these are a miracle cure for thigh chaffing. I would highly recommend these and would buy again. I'm going to order more. I'm a size 22 and I wear an XXL. I am so happy I could cry as I can now wear a dress for the first time in year yay!" - Kelly

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