How to Wear Backless Dresses with a Bra


With parties happening all the time, especially around Christmas and Birthdays, it's essential to make sure you look your best in your Little Black Dress or party outfit. We have a selection of the best lingerie accessories that are fashionable and discreet and will solve all of your bra problems. Wear these bra accessories with your own bra or invest in a backless bra or stick-on-bra to ensure nothing shows under your outfit.


Backless Beauty | Magic Bodyfashion

The Backless Beauty is a must have for any backless party dress or top. It has foam cups with a layer of adhesive that sticks to the breasts and clips together in the centre. You get a smooth shape and slight uplift and it includes a compact travel case for minimal storage. Available in cup sizes A - E.

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Fashion Tape | Magic Bodyfashion

The Fashion Tape is perfect to use on the skin, lingerie and clothing to make sure nothing slides, opens up or slips down. It consists of 50 pieces of adhesive tape in a travel case to keep with you at all times.

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Magic Clip | Magic Bodyfashion

The Magic Clip instantly changes your bra straps into a racer-back. You can attach it to the front or back of your bra and the soft plastic clip pulls in your bra straps. It's great for any cut-out party top and dresses where your bra straps show!

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Low Back Strap | Magic Bodyfashion

Got a low back party dress or top and you don't want to go without a bra? The Low Back Strap is the perfect solution. Attach to the back of your bra and pull it round the front to create a V-shape. Needs to be worn with straps.

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Invisilifts Breast Lifts | Secret Weapons

Invisilifts are self-adhesive breast lifts that can lift your breasts up to 5cm and provide support under any party outfit. They are applied to the top of the breasts and pulled up for lift. They are hypoallergenic, waterproof and transparent. The are available in 2 sizes, A - D and DD - F.

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Bosom Buddies Breast Enhancers | Secret Weapons

The Bosom Buddies are made to sit perfectly in any bra for extra lift and cleavage. They are a great solution to out a party dress or top. The are discreet and soft against the skin.

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Invisitraps Clear Bra Straps | Secret Weapons 

The crystal clear bra straps are perfect to attache to any strapless or multiway bra. The are thin and discreet and will sit under any party outfit.

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