Funny Mens Underwear Habits


It's easy to say that some men can have weird and slightly disturbing underwear habits that they may not tell you about...isn't that right?! But we have done a little digging and discovered some of the most common habits that we think are pretty accurate and slightly hilarious at the same time. Let us know if any of these sound familiar!


1. Lucky pair of underwear

It's true that a lot of men do own a lucky pair of underwear that they might wear for a special date, night out or even for business meetings. According to The Mirror online, 1 in 3 men will change their underwear if they think they will get lucky on a date, 41% of men will don a special pair of underwear for a night out and 1 in 10 men will adapt their choice if they have an important work meeting. Who knew?! 


2. Other people buying them underwear 

You would hope that men would want to buy their own underwear, like most women do, but according to the Daily Mail, women are the top consumers for mens underwear, with two thirds of them relying on their wives, girlfriends or mothers to keep them stocked up. Whilst men may not be concerned about their underwear choices, it certainly seems that the women are. This even includes the style and pattern they wear!


3. Wearing the same pair for more than one day

We hoped this one wasn't true, but apparently it is! Some men wear their underwear more than once, sometimes even THREE times before washing them! This can be a bad habit to get into because it increases the chance of infections and illnesses through genital bacteria. 


4. Not buying new underwear when they need to

Men have a habit of keeping and wearing underwear even if they have holes in. They can not build up the courage to chuck their favourite pairs in the bin and replace them with new ones. The thing is...we are all guilty of this. There is always a favourite jumper, dressing gown or bra that we refuse to chuck out because it's so comfortable. Eventually, we give in because it's doing no justice what so ever! Or for the men, it's more like their partner or mum chucks them out instead! 


5. Wearing baggy underwear

Men have a tendency to stick to what they know, including when it comes to their underwear. It's no worth sticking to the old style underwear with baggy loose boxer shorts that don't appeal to anyone. The current trends have changed and it's now all about the snug fit and flattering boxer styles! Check out some of the latest boxer shorts style here >>



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