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Seamless Underwear


What does seamless mean?


The word "seamless" refers to a fabric or surface that does not have any seams or joins. In clothing and lingerie, it is highly popular and has a number of benefits. 

  • It feels extremely lightweight
  • Doesn't cause friction
  • Will not show under clothing
  • Offers a flexible fit

The downfall is (if we are being completely honest!) sometimes they can loose their shape a little bit quicker. 



The truth behind seamless knickers


Most everyday knickers often feature seams sewn around the waistband and the legs. These seams can sometime show under clothing that is tight fitting or made of thin, delicate fabric. This is where seamless knickers come in...they lay flat against the skin and are generally made from soft, stretchy fabrics such as Modal or spandex blends. The stretch in the fabric allows the underwear to be pulled taught (but not too tight) around the body giving a smooth outline under clothes and avoiding VPL (Visible Panty Line).




A bit of technology for you...


Removing the seams from these fabrics is accomplished using laser technology. Companies use high tech lasers to cut the soft stretch fabric pieces into neat, defined edges. Seams are usually necessary on knickers whether they are on the side or at the front to join all the pieces together. But, instead of sewing the seams, manufacturers use heat to seal the fabric pieces together, leaving no seam lines or bumps. 


Different shapes


Seamless underwear has become incredibly popular the last few years and lingerie brands are now offering a seamless knicker with most of their fashion ranges. As well as high waist briefs, you can also get boy shorts, bikini briefs and thongs that are seamless depending on your personal preference and body shape. 

With the spring season reappearing, Knicker Locker have introduced a seamless underwear range from lingerie brand "Ten Cate". Their "Secrets" collection offer an array of seamless styles including camisoles, boy shorts and lace back briefs. Exciting right?! 

Ten Cate design and create comfortable, everyday lingerie for the confident man and woman. Their shapes are clean cut and versatile without compromising on style. As well as seamless underwear and everyday lingerie, they offer seamless shapewear with a selection of long shorts, vests and slips. 

Ten Cate Underwear 




Why are they just available in nude and black?


Every lingerie lover knows the rule behind nude underwear. It doesn't show under ANYTHING. And it's true...take your favourite pair of white linen trousers and wear them with a pair of nude seamless knickers. You will get no show through or VPL. Clever eh? If you have ever tried this with white underwear, you would notice that white on white is not a good combination and shows up even more!

Black is a great colour to wear with evening dresses, trousers and skirts. It is feminine, slimming and women love to wear the colour. 

The thing is...seamless underwear isn't just available in black and nude anymore. You can now discover seamless knickers in an array of beautiful colours including Taupe, Red and Powder Pink. We know this because we stock them! 

Seamless Knickers >>




Recently, the one and only Zest of Alice did a review on the Secrets collection from Ten Cate. Read more about the brand and how she got on with her find >> The Underwear Set Every Girl Needs








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