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Seamless Knickers

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Shop seamless knickers at Knicker Locker with a variety of styles including briefs, thongs and shorts. Seamless pants have heat sealed seam that won't show VPL (Visible Panty Line) and are super soft against the skin. We believe every woman needs at least one pair in her lingerie drawer!

Invisible knickers can also make the perfect bridal lingerie. They may not be the prettiest of knickers, but they will provide a seam-free silhouette under your wedding dress ready for the photos.

Read our Knicker Style Guide to discover all the knicker shapes available. 


What is no VPL underwear?

The lingerie term for VPL stands for visible panty line, therefore no VPL underwear means it will not show under clothes. Seamless knickers have flat seas that sit flush against the skin and will not show any lines. No VPL underwear is seen, not just in knickers, but in bras, bodies and shapewear.

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