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Men's Size Guide 


Men's Size Chart


Here is a simple men's underwear size guide. Even though this chart can help you, we know that all underwear brands can vary in size depending on the cut and fabrics used. If you would like further help please email us on


Size  S M L XL XXL
 Chest  35" - 37" 38" - 40" 41" - 43" 44" - 46" 47" - 49"
 (in CMs)  89 - 94 97 - 102 104 - 109 112 - 117 119 - 124
 Waist  30" - 32" 33" - 35" 36" - 38" 39" - 41" 42" - 44"
 (in CMs)  76 - 81 84 - 89 91 - 97 99 - 104 107 - 112




Men's Underwear FAQs


  • How often should you wash your underwear?

Dirty and sweaty underwear is not attractive and certainly not comfortable! We recommend washing your underwear on a daily basis and after physical activity. 

  • How many pairs of underwear should a man own?

You don't need to go over the top but depending on how often you wash your underwear, we advise roughly 20 pairs of underwear. It's to have a supply for 2 weeks and then some spare for other occasions such as exercising or travelling. If you tend to wash your underwear 2 - 3 times a week, you may be able to get away with only 10 - 15 pairs.


  • When should a man throw away his underwear?

It's very easy to tell when a pair of underwear needs to be chucked away, but we advise not leaving it till the last minute when they are thread bare and offer no support! If you invest in designer/high street men's underwear that is still affordable, they will also last a lot longer. We advise not buying underwear in bulk, but instead buy a couple every 3 months or so, so your underwear doesn't run out all at the same time! 

  • Trunks vs Boxers

This is down the personal preference. Trunks are for men who already like briefs but what to try something slightly different. They feature short legs and a square appearance. Boxer shorts have longer legs, like a pair of tight fitting shorts. These are generally the most popular style as they suit most men's body shapes. 


  • What is low rise underwear?

Low rise underwear sit below the natural waistline on the hips. They offer less coverage than high rise underwear and show off more of your abdominal area. They are designed not to be seen and are great to wear with low-rise jeans, shorts and gym shorts. 


  • What is the difference between boxers and briefs?

The main difference between boxers and briefs is the leg coverage. Briefs do not offer any leg coverage but fit closely to the body. If you are looking at boxer shorts, these extend down the leg but still fit close to the body, so they are very similar to briefs with support and fit. However, boxers fit very loosely and offer no support around the crotch. 

  • Best mens underwear for hot weather?

Find men's underwear styles that are lightweight and consist of some Cotton and Polyester. It's also good to try men's underwear that are specifically designed for sports activities and exercise. Their microfibre fabrics often offer moisture wicking and odour control properties to keep you cool and comfortable.  





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