Terms & Conditions for Competitions, Prizes & Awards


These general Terms and Conditions govern Knicker Locker's Competitions, Prizes and Awards. We reserve the right to amend these at our own discretion. By entering any Knicker Locker competition, you will be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the entrant will be deemed to have read and understood them. 

Please note that all decisions by Knicker Locker will be final and binding.

  • Entrants have to be aged 18 or older unless the competition implies or states otherwise. If under 18, entrants must obtain permission for their parent/guardian before entering.
  • All entries must be received by the closing date specified in the competition. Only entries and answers received on time will be counted. Any entries or answers that are lost for any reason or received after the closing date will not be accepted and Knicker Locker will not be held responsible. 
  • Any person directly connected to Knicker Locker may not enter or participate in any competition organised by Knicker Locker including partners, staff, employees and immediate family. 
  • Knicker Locker reserves the right to disqualify any entrant in the competitions whom we consider has entered using improper or suspicious means, technical or otherwise.
  • All costs associated with entering the competitions such as but not limited to their costs to access computer networks, shall be borne by the entrant unless the competition specifies otherwise.
  • Facebook or any other social media platform does not sponsor, endorse or administer any of Knicker Locker's competitions or promotions. By taking part in Knicker Locker's competitions and promotions you understand that your information is going to the administrators of the page and not to Facebook or other social media platforms. This information will only be used for communication purposes related to Knicker Locker's Competitions and promotions. 



For each competition, Knicker Locker may advertise prizes to be won. If an advertised prize is unavailable for any reason we reserve the right to substitute a similar prize that is of equivalent or greater value. 

Each household that enters a competition can only be awarded one prize.

Cash will not be offered in lieu of or exchanged for the prize. Prizes are not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.



In every competition, a winner will be selected at random a draw from all the correct answers received after the competition closing date. The winner will be notified by email, phone or social media within 10 days of selecting the winner. The prize will then be sent to the lucky winner within 30 days.

If after all reasonable efforts have been made to contact the winner and they cannot be contacted or are unable to receive the prize, then Knicker Locker reserves the right to, and at our own discretion, choose another individual to receive the prize.

Only one prize will be awarded per entrant (per person) and only one prize per email address. Unless specifically instructed not to, Knicker Locker may publish the name of the winner with details of the prize in any and all online and offline marketing material, including but not limited to the press and on social media.

If prizes are provided by a third party supplier, then where applicable, the simmer may be required to complete any booking or other formalities with these suppliers/providers directly. The winner, by accepting the prize, hereby indemnifies Knicker Locker for all acts/defaults by any other person/s and/or company/ies.

Prizes involving travel will likely need travel arrangements to be confirmed by the winner. Unless otherwise stated, these arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the winner. Knicker Locker may reserve the right to insist on written permission from the parent or guardian of any person who is under the age of 16 and to further insist the the winner choose a companion (depending on the competition) who is 18 or older.

Some competition prizes may be restricted to certain times of the year and unless otherwise stated by specific competition rules, prizes must be taken up within 6 months of the winner being notified. 

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