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Mothers day - Traditionally a day to honour the mother of the family, the influence of mothers in society and maternal bonds. 

Now, although Mother's day is a day for all mothers out there, we thought we'd focus on new mothers and mummy's to be! Specifically, maternity and nursing bras. A lot of ladies out there underestimate the importance of a good fitting pregnancy bra and how much it can help, however we do understand that the process and timing of finding the perfect fit can be somewhat overwhelming...

To get to the bottom of some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding maternity and nursing bras, I got together with a couple of new and expectant mothers to find out what they really wanted to know and put the top 5 questions to Sarah Gilbert who works for Royce Lingerie for her expert advice....




How do women get measured for nursing/maternity bras?

  • You will be measured exactly the same as fir an everyday bra, the only difference is in the bra fitting.
  • For a Maternity bra, these should be fitted on the tightest hook of the fastening. This allows you to loosen off the bra as your bump grows. As soon as you feel like you are spilling out of the cup, or you are on the last hook and the bra feels tight, then you should be fitted for another size.
  • For a Nursing bra, we suggest you get fitted 2-3 weeks before your due date, this is normally when baby has moved down into the pelvis, thus giving more room under your bust.
  • Fit the bra on the loosest hook, this allows the bra to be tightened as your rib cage goes back down.
  • For the cup we normally say to go up 1 or 2 cup sizes to allow for the milk to come through, (now this is not exact science, some of you might go up 1 cup size, others might go up four!) so once your milk is established, this is normally a week after birth, you may need to be re-fitted.


When should women start wearing nursing/maternity bras?

  •  One of the first signs of pregnancy is sore boobs, as soon as your current bra becomes uncomfortable, is digging in around the cup, or around the band, then you need to get fitted for a maternity bra.


How long should women wear them for?

  • As long as you want, you don't have to wear a non-wired bra just because you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • I say it is ideal that you do wear a non-wired bra through your pregnancy & whilst you are breastfeeding, as wired bras, if not fitted correctly can cause discomfort whilst your breasts are growing, or whilst your breasts is full of milk.
  • An ill fitting bra can cause issues such as blocked milk ducts, that can lead to more painful issues like mastitis.


Are underwires safe for pregnant/breastfeeding women?

  • Wired bras are okay to wear as long as they are fitting correctly, if the wire is sitting on the breast tissue, then you will have problems.
  • There is no medical evidence to say wired bras are dangerous and shouldn't be worn
  • However, it is recommended that you wear a non-wired bra as there are no wired to dig in, but again the bra needs to fit correctly to give the support and comfort needed.
  • Also, a non-wired bra will move with your breasts where as a wire won't.
  • All day your breasts are going up and down when filling with milk, then deflating after feeding, so you need a bra that will move with your constant changing body.


How can women tell if it's fitting them correctly?

  • Check to see how your boobs are fitting in the cup, if the cup is wrinkling, then it's too big. If you have the four boob syndrome, where you have your boobs spilling over the top or even over the underarm of the cup, then the cup is too small.
  • For the under band, if it's riding up your back, then it's too big around, you should be able to fit just two fingers under the band when fastened for it to be doing its job. If the band is riding up the back, then your breasts are not supported at the front.
  • The band should sit straight across the back.If you are on the last hook of the bra and the under band is cutting into your back, then the bra is too tight.


INTERESTING FACT: Nursing bras were first made in 1943 by Albert A. Glasser because of the post World War 2 baby boom! (good idea if you ask me).



What type of mum are you?




Blossom soft cup Nursing bra

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Remember, even though sometimes pregnancy and nursing can be tough, finding the perfect fitting Maternity or Nursing bra doesn't have to be!

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