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The fig leaf has been used as the emblem for Blackspade products based on its historical significance. It was known that Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover their nudities after having tasted the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. You could say this was the first ever piece of underwear that was made and Blackspade took inspiration from this to offer exceptional comfort at every moment in life.



Blackspade was born in the Aegean Area of Turkey where the fig symbolises plentitude and Cotton symbolises the source of naturalness. The fabrics used in Blackspade products are natural, comfortable and far more pleasant to wear. All of their designs are suitable for different climatic conditions and lifestyles and focus on fit, comfort and well-being.


Blackspade creates a variety of fashion clothing including Women's Nightwear, Women's Lingerie, Mens Underwear, Mens Loungewear , Thermal Wear and Girls and Boys Nightwear. As well as basic and continuity styles that run all year round, every season they release a Flash Collection which offers new prints and colour ways. 




The Ladies Basic Underwear collection consists of Aura, Private, Comfort, Silver and Essentials. 

The Aura range features classic high-comfort vest tops and knickers with silky lace trim and high-quality Cotton which is part of their signature design. 

Private features a range of seam free products created from soft lace and 97% superfine Cotton. The Cotton fabric exudes comfort whilst the lace detailing adds elegance and femininity.

Silver is created with mostly Modal fabric making it more water-absorbent, colour-fast and resistant to shrinkage when washed in warm water. 




The Mens Basic Underwear Collection consists of Silver, Mood Lite, Stripes, Colours and Tender Cotton Lite. 

The Silver range, just like the Women's, is made from mostly Modal fabric and a soft silver waistband. The fabric is more water-absorbent, colour fast and resistant to shrinkage when washed in warm water. 

The Mood Lite range is fashionable and dynamic with a blend of Cotton and Modal, slim binding special elastics and heat transferred labels. 

The Colours and Stripes ranges offer trendy boxer shorts in a variety of colours and packs. They are distinctive and will certainly make your eyes pop!

The Tender Cotton Lite range offers multi pack vests tops and pants created from high quality Cotton to fit around your healthy, sporty lifestyle. 



As well as their basic Underwear collection, Blackspade creates Men's and Women's Nightwear and Loungewear. Made from luxurious fabrics like Cotton and Modal, their selection is designed for comfort, fashion and everyday wear. 




Flash Product Review - Noir Lace Camisole - Green

By The Girl in the Pink Bra

First Impressions

I was thrilled when I received the Blackspade Noir Lace Camisole and Short in Green. I love camisoles and the idea of having something so pretty under my winter clothes is a bonus! They were presented in small Blackspade boxes for a great compact gift. Out of all the colours available, green would have been my second favourite choice (pink being my first obviously!) This range is part of the Blackspade's Noir collection which is purely seasonal (So if you fancy one, don't hesitate for too long!) I was sent a size Small in the Camisole and Short which is said to be a UK size 10.  I can see there is a fair bit of stretch in the fabric so this is a good sign. The camisole also has adjustable straps and a little charm in the centre with the fig emblem on which adds an extra special touch!

The Inspection & Wear Test

 After closer inspection, I was eager to try the set on to see how well it fitted and I wasn't disappointed! The lace Shorts were a lovely shape that sat low on my hips. I liked the wide lace waistband across the top and the fabric was extremely soft against the skin. 

The Camisole top came up slightly tighter on me so I may have been better with a Medium. If you are slightly fuller busted like me, it would be a good idea to size up one dress size to accommodate this! With more stretch the camisole appeared more see through, this is neither good nor bad depending on what look you are going for! I loved the adjustable straps as I was able to make the neckline higher or lower to suit what I was wearing on top. The gathered front sat nicely between my breasts and compared to other vest tops it gave an extremely flattering shape.  

The Blackspade Camisole and Short is perfect for everyday wear as they are comfortable, fashionable and can suit beautifully under outfits.

Blackspade Ranges at Knicker Locker

Noir Lace Camisole

This beautiful Lace Camisole is extremely soft and luxuriously comfortable. It has adjustable shoulder straps and an elasticated gathered front for a stylish look. Available in Blue, Green and Powder Pink. 

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Noir Lace Short

The lace short is stylish and sexy with a wide lace waistband and low-rise shape. Match with the camisole for a stunning everyday set. Available in Blue, Green and Powder Pink. 

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Comfort Vest Top

The comfort vest top is beautifully soft with a 4-way stretch for great comfort. It is created with Modal fabric and a wide lace trim neckline. Available in Fuchsia Pink and Purple. 

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Mens Colour Boxer Short

The colour boxer short is fun and colourful with high Cotton content, soft jacquard waistband and heat transfer labels for the ultimate comfort and support. Available in Green, Red and Blue. 

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If you want garments that are fashionable but perfect for everyday, invest in Blackspade's Underwear and Nightwear collection. Their classic designs feature high quality fabrics and fine detailing to ensure optimum comfort and support.      

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