Boob Positivity Campaign


This January 2020, Knicker Locker are launching a fantastic campaign about Boob Positivity that will include a huge lingerie giveaway in collaboration with Gossard and Braza

We have seen a huge revolution in body confidence over the few years with many celebrities and influencers talking about it. We saw the launch of the Be Real campaign in 2014 and the #saggyboobsmatter movement that went viral last year. And it definitely won't stop there! Clothing brands have adapted campaigns and adverts for their models to have a natural figure and not photoshopped. 

With body confidence comes boob positivity, and Knicker Locker are on a mission this year to spread the love and show everybody how important boob positivity is.

Every week, our lingerie blog will launch blog posts all about the relationship with your boobs, looking after your boobs and lots more, including up close and personal with Gossard Lingerie and a special guest post from Braza. We even have some fabulous bra reviews launching from fashion bloggers including Mummy Fever and Holly White

 A lot of women are self-conscious of their boobs, the way they look, the way they feel and the shape they are. But let me tell you that no matter what shape, colour or size they are, all boobs are beautiful! 



Social Media Giveaway

As part of our campaign there will also be a special social media giveaway, where someone will win a huge lingerie bundle that includes a 375ml bottle of Soak Wash, a laundry bag, a pair of Invisilifts, Braza Flash Tape, a Braza Low Down Strap AND a gorgeous Gossard lingerie set!

The competition will run from Wednesday 1st January until Friday 31st January 2020. 

We are asking all our fellow boob lovers to post a picture of themselves on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #boobpositivity and tag @gossard, @braza and @knickerlocker and tell us one thing you love about your boobs. (Post on both Instagram and Twitter to get double entry!)



Join us this January 2020 and spread the love with boob positivity! 

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