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The Best Strapless Bras


Strapless bras are extremely versatile when it comes to summer or party outfits, so we recommend always keeping a good fitting strapless bra in your lingerie drawer for when the perfect occasion arises. They ensure your breasts are supported without the use of shoulder straps, but instead use silicone around the under-band to keep the bra in place. There is padded strapless bras as well as non padded strapless bras and stick on bras to choose from, so ensure you pick the right style to keep you comfortable and supported.  

Features of a strapless bra:

  • Most strapless bras will have silicone around the top and bottom of the underband. This is to ensure the bra stays in place on your body and does not slip down at all. The silicone is soft and should not irritate the skin at all. 
  • They will have a high centre front for more support and shape. 
  • Most strapless bras will come with detachable straps, so you can make the bra into a halter-neck, cross-back or one-shoulder style.




Strapless Bras That Stay Up

It's incredibly important to remember that in order for a strapless bra to stay up and support you, it needs to be the correct bra size. The underband needs to be firm to be able to support your breasts and the cups need to be full enough and high enough to give the shape. You will generally be the same bra size in a strapless bra to what you are in a normal bra.



Halo Lace 

Created with smooth brushed lace, underwires and no padding for a seamless shape up to an E cup. Detachable straps for versatility with intermittent slits along the underband.

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Ciao Bella

Pretty rich black corded lace with underwires and no padding for a comfortable and natural shape up to a DD cup. Detachable straps for versatility and a full lace back with hook and eye at the side.

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Faithfully Yours

The smooth moulded cups have integrated padding for extra lift and shape and detachable straps for versatility. It's lightweight, feminine and perfect up to a DD cup.

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With smooth, firm moulded cups, the Mae strapless bra is perfect up to a FF cup. Detachable straps to make into a halter-neck and cross-back. Elegant design with a floral flocking print.

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How to convert straps into a halter-neck

It's a lot easier than you think to make the straps on a strapless bra turn into a halter-neck style. This can be done with either one strap or two straps depending on the length you need around the neck. 

  • With only one strap, put the strapless bra on first, then attach one side of the strap to the bra and pull it around your neck and attach it to the other front of the bra. You may need to extend the bra strap to its full length to go around the neck first.
  • With two straps, it's better to make the halter-neck first before putting the bra. Attach the straps to the front of the bra first and with the two other ends, you can interlink the hooks under the straps, so they are secure and sit at the back of your neck. You can adjust the length of the straps at any time.




The Best Strapless Bra Alternatives

Although strapless bras are very versatile, they don't always work under certain dresses and tops. This is where alternatives such as backless bras and stick on bras come in to play and are perfect for bra sizes A - E cup. You can get fabric and silicone stick on bras that both stick to the breasts to provide some shape and lift. They will not be as supportive as a strapless bra because there is no back or straps, but they are perfect for a special occasion or evening out. 

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Here are some of the best backless bras: 

  • Cleavage Lace Up Stick on Bra 
  • Invisilifts 
  • Nudi Boobies Silicone Stick on Bra
  • Magic Backless Beauty
  • Magic Lift Its


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