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Knicker Style Guide


As well as getting the right bra style, there is a veritable selection of knicker styles to consider when buying lingerie. We’ve provided a helpful 'brief' guide below to help you know the features of every style knickers and find out which knicker styles you like or prefer.

Thongs - Thongs give minimal coverage at the back with a seam free finish under dresses and trousers.
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G-Strings - A g-string is a similar style to a thong, but has spaghetti straps at the sides to provide minimal coverage.
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Briefs - Briefs sit on the waist or sometimes slightly lower depending on the cut and generally have narrow side panels.
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Full Briefs - Full briefs sit high on the waistline for better coverage round the front and back.
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Shorts -Shorts sit low on the hip line for a sexy shape. Styles can vary with some offering fuller coverage at the back than others.
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French Knickers - French knickers are generally worn from the hips with loose flared leg openings with no elastic.
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Italian Briefs - Italian briefs take the conventional high leg brief shape but with all over lace covering the back.
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