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How To Measure your Bra Size at Home


The tape measure is only an estimate when it comes to bra fitting. Sometimes for fuller busted women it just doesn't work. However, measuring yourself at home is a good starting point, especially if you have no idea what bra size your are. The best way to find your correct bra size is to look at how your bra fits in a mirror, recognise the faults and adjust them accordingly.

Cup sizes are relative to the back size. If you go down in the back size, you need to increase the cup size. Similarly, if you go up in the back size, you need to go down in the cup size.



Back Size:

In inches, firmly measure under the root of the bust, so the tape measure is level all the way round the body.

If it is an odd number, round up to the next even number. If it is an even number, this is your back size.

The back size is the number of your bra size, and the cup size is the letter.



If your measurement is 31", round up to make 32. 

If your measurement is 32", this makes it 32.




Cup Size:

To get the cup size, measure over the fullest part of the breasts, keeping the tape measure level all around your body.

Your cup size is determined by the difference between the first and second measurement.

If the difference is 2, this is an A cup. If the difference is 3, this is a B cup and so on. The higher the difference, the bigger the cup size. 



If your measurement is 31"and your second measurement is 38", this is a difference of 7 which would equate to a bust size of E. This would make your bra size a 32E.




Bra Size Converter


 Difference (Inches)  UK Cup Size  US Cup Size
2 A A
3 B B
4 C C
5 D D
7 E G
8 F H
9 FF I
10 G J
11 GG K
12 H L
13 HH M
14 J N



If you are unsure about any of these bra fitting techniques or would like more advice on bra fitting, email us at or ring us on 01305 858847.

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