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FAQs for Nursing Bras



Can I wear an underwired bra through breastfeeding?

We recommend not to wear an underwired bra when you are breastfeeding, you will feel a lot more comfortable in a soft cup bra. A soft cup bra will accommodate your breasts when they fluctuate throughout the day, when you are at your fullest with milk before you feed and after when they are smaller. An underwired bra will not have the flexibility in the cup size because as your bust size increases the underwires may dig into your breast tissue causing you great discomfort. This could potentially increase the risk of getting Mastitis. A soft cup bra avoids any risk of this.



What happens to my breasts after I stop breastfeeding?

After breastfeeding, your body will realise it no longer needs to produce milk and your breasts will settle down to a certain size. It's difficult to say how long this will take and whether they will settle down to your original size. Some women may settle in a bra size that is smaller or bigger than they were before. We always recommend that you double check your bra size once you feel your breasts have settled in size.



Why don't nursing bras give the same shape a normal bra does?

Breastfeeding bras are generally soft cup bras with no underwires. They will not provide the same amount of support that an underwired bra would. Look out for higher coverage and firmer fabrics for extra shape and support with nursing bras.



When to buy a nursing bra?

We recommend getting a nursing bra approximately 1 month before your due date because this is when your breasts will be at their fullest. However, your breasts are likely to change after the birth, your back size will most likely decrease and your cup size will start to fluctuate when your milk production sets in, so any bra fitting at this stage is a guess. It is always advisable to leave room in the cup for your breasts grow and also to fit your breast pads in. You may want to re-check your nursing bra still fits after the pregnancy or look at getting 1 or 2 more bras.



How will I know if I need to be re-fitted for a bra?

The best time to know when you need to be re-fitted will be down to you. If your bra is uncomfortable in anyway, we recommend you check you are wearing the correct bra size. Through breastfeeding, it is very difficult to get a perfect fit as your breast size will increase and decrease at different times, however, the underband size should feel firm and comfortable giving you the support you need. We recommend making sure your bra fits when you are at your fullest with milk, this negates any bulging in the cup and ensures nothing digs in.



What if I buy a bra that doesn't fit me after the birth?

Every women's body reacts differently to pregnancy, there is no guarantee as to what size you will be after the birth. But if you feel you have purchased the incorrect size we are more than happy to exchange or refund the bra providing it has not been worn and labels are intact, within 30 days of purchase.




How many nursing bras do I need?

It's recommended to have at least 2 or 3 good fitting nursing bras ready for breastfeeding, so you can swap them around when washing and wearing them. You may want a dark colour and a light colour depending on what clothes you wear, or opt for a skin tone nursing bra to wear under everything.



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