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Mens Underwear for your Body Shape 




Sizing Tips

Sometimes finding the right style and size underwear can be just as difficult for men as it is for women. Men's underwear is becoming far more fashionable and it's worth investing in the right pair so you can feel all of a piece, all day long.

Follow our top sizing tips to allow yourself a comfortable day ahead:

  • Be honest with yourself when buying underwear. Don't go for anything too tight or too big for you.
  • If you find your underwear getting tight or restrictive, either chuck them or try underwear with a contour pouch at the front.
  • If you have a shapeless bottom, buy underwear that is made from stretch fabric such as Modal to enhance it.
  • If you don't like your waistband poking over your trousers, try low-rise underwear instead.



Types of Underwear for your Body Shape


Briefs - Briefs are compatible with shorter men as they expose more of the legs making them look longer. They are also perfect for men with larger thighs and who are more well-endowed, because they offer fantastic support around the front and rear. 

Trunks - Trunks are compatible with slim build men who enjoy wearing skinny trousers. The sit low on the hips and flush against the skin. They are also perfect for men who wish to show off their abs! 

Boxers - Boxers are compatible with men who have slim thighs and of big build, although they do offer little support. Most boxers are made from Cotton with minimal stretch, so go careful with the sizing so the crotch doesn't get caught.

Boxer Shorts - Boxer Shorts are compatible with all men's body shapes as they have high waistbands and offer a more fitted style. This is the go-to style for most men because they are not as revealing as briefs and still offer great support. 



Comfort Tips


Every man should feel comfortable and supported in their underwear. 

Look our for these signs when it comes to keeping comfortable:

  • Underwear that is leaving red marks or chafing the skin - It might be worth trying a size up.
  • Irritating the skin - Consider looking for styles with covered elastic at the legs and waist. Otherwise, switch to a synthetic blend fabric like Modal.
  • Underwear is too hot for you - Look for breathable, moisture-absorbing fabric like Microfibre, especially for workouts and sports.
  • Underwear rides up - The underwear style might not suit your body shape or the leg bands aren't tight enough. Try a different underwear style. 



Underwear Fabrics


Cotton - Cotton is a well known fabric used in many underwear styles for softness and comfort. Some Cotton fabrics add extra warmth in the winter while some lightweight Cotton fabric are cool and airy for the summer.

Cotton Stretch - This is a blend of traditional Cotton and elastane to offer a fabric that is flexible and conforms with the body.

Modal - Modal is becoming a very popular fabric in underwear for it's soft silky texture and absorbency. It is widely used with printed fabrics to keep the shape and colour.  

Microfibre - Microfibre is another popular incredibly thin fabric used in sportswear, compression underwear and moisture-wicking underwear to give super support and soft comfort. 



How to care for your Underwear


Every man's life is unique, and throughout it your underwear size is likely to change at least a couple of times. This can be affected by lifestyle changes and other situations.

We advise you follow these simple steps to make sure your underwear stays in great condition and lasts longer:

  • Always check the care instructions on the inside label.
  • We advise turning your underwear inside out when washing to help reduce wear and tear on the outside and give it a more thorough clean.
  • Use stain remover if needed and add colour-safe bleach for extra freshness.
  • Wash your underwear separately to your clothes on a delicate cycle.  
  • Don't throw your underwear in the dryer as this can break down the delicate fabrics and destroy the elasticity. Air dry them on a chair.
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