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How to Wash your Swimwear

How often should you wash your swimwear?

Caring for your swimwear properly is essential for making it last longer. We recommend following the care label on every garment to ensure the best protection against the sun, chlorine, salt water, sun creams and perspiration. We advise rinsing your swimwear in cold water after every use, but washing your swimwear properly after every 4 uses making sure it gets rid of all the chemicals. Make sure you don’t use fabric conditioner when washing, as this can break down the Lycra and degrade the swimwear.

Whether you are hand washing or machine-washing your swimwear, we recommend following our advice in both sections under 'Caring for your Lingerie'.



Advice when washing and drying your swimwear

  • Do not wring your swimwear tightly; this can cause the fibres to break.
  • Rinse your swimwear straight after use so it removes any residue that's left.
  • Do not pack your swimwear away while it is still wet as this can affect the colour.
  • Wash all your separates together, allowing the colour to match if one fades.
  • Do no put your swimwear in the dryer. Let it dry naturally on a towel, rolling it up to blot of the excess.
  • Do not leave wet swimwear in sports bags etc. This can cause breakage of the fabrics with the leftover residue.
  • Do not put any excess heat on your swimwear, as this will easily destroy the fabric.
  • Do not leave in contact with other swimwear whilst drying.


Top swimwear tips when you go on holiday

  • Go careful when applying any sun creams or oils as the lotions can  stain the fabrics. We recommend applying lotions before putting on your swimwear. 
  • Rinse your swimwear immediately after use; this will quickly remove any residue such as salt water and chlorine. 
  • When drying your swimwear, do not leave it in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces as this can fade or dry up the fabric and possibly burn it. 
  • Hot tubs and Jacuzzis consist of high chlorine content; the chlorine can fade and damage your swimwear so be careful what you wear.
  • Only pack you swimwear away when it's completely dry. Storing it whilst wet can affect the fabric colours. 




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