Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is an incredibly happy and exciting time for families and friends where gifts are exchanged and celebrations are had. The only thing is...what do you buy for christmas gifts? Maybe you have a boyfriend who won't tell you what he wants or a dad who has everything...? Then it's going to be pretty difficult...unless...(look below!)


I know when people say sounds like a very boring and practical present, but in reality underwear makes great christmas gifts especially if you choose the right ones! Fashion is changing and so is underwear. Gone are the days where you could only get black, white and grey boxer shorts, with brands such as Waxx and Pull-In there is so many prints and colours to choose from! 

Every man needs underwear, that's a fact (or maybe it isn't!) but men deserve to wear luxury underwear just like women do. 

Knicker Locker's selection of mens underwear is fashionable and full of colour. Below are our top favourite men's boxer shorts just for him:

Crazy cartoon characters of Santa Claus and Rudolph and a tartan print at the rear.


A delectable treat with gingerbread men adorning the front. 


Quotes the famous line from Muhammad Ali "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"



The perfect full english breakfast for any man!



We feel the same way about socks as we do underwear - they don't have to be boring! So when picking out socks for him, choose the socks that display his fun character and hobbies. Nothing says love like a decent pair of socks!


Drake & Hutch

If you love British design, you will love Drake & Hutch

They create underwear and socks with the same quality and attention to detail found in a bespoke suit. Their socks are made from 80% Cotton with superb prints and colours to make them unisex. Each garment blends modern fabrics with contemporary British design that is stylish, powerful and comfortable. 

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Mens Underwear and Socks are perfect christmas gifts for your boyfriend, husband, brother or dad. Wrap them up under the christmas tree or stuff them in a stocking filler. Men will always need and want the everyday essentials, so why not make them fun and fashionable!

This Christmas season, wherever you are, spend time with your loved ones and treasure each moment and special gift with them. 



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