This is your year to Get Fit

Let’s start out with an interesting fact…


Fact Number 1: Over 70% of women are known to not wear a sports bra when exercising.

It’s that time of year again, when all we can think about is getting fit and healthy again. New year, new you right? Well we agree! But there is one thing that if you haven’t got already, you will need to go and buy…

Not sure what that is...

We have the answer: A sports bra. 


Till the 31st of January 2016 we have £5 off our Shock Absorber Sports Bras.


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You may ask why do I need a sports bra?

We understand that every woman wants to keep their youthful shape, so when carrying out any sport activities, whether you are jogging, cycling or taking up Zumba classes, it is extremely important to have a good fitting sports bra. A sports bra can be a costly expense but we believe they are worth every penny once you realise exactly what they do for you.




So, What do they do?

Fact Number 2: We have no muscles in our breasts.

Instead, our breasts are made up of fibrous tissue, fat and glands and are supported at the chest by Coopers ligaments. These ligaments, once stretched due to excessive amount of movement, will not fall back into place. By wearing a good fitting sports bra, you are protecting and supporting your breasts from pulling on the ligaments causing them to stretch.

With an ill-fitting bra or even no bra support at all, and we are sure many women will agree with, our breasts bounce up and down freely. This can cause great pain and discomfort for our breasts especially if we are exercising and can affect our mental and physical well-being.

One of the leading sports bra brands, Shock Absorber supported by research with the University of Portsmouth that your breasts can bounce up to 14cm when unsupported by a bra during exercise.


What makes a sports bra so different from a "normal" bra?

Sports bras, in general, will have wider side panels and more hooks and eyes for better support. The wider cushioned straps will help distribute the weight when exercising, so nothing digs in. Sports bras are available with or without underwires. Both styles are extremely popular.

We took more in depth look at the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra that was voted the Best Women’s Sports Bra at The 2015 Running Awards and examine the details…



  • Soft, seam-free inner fabric to stop rubbing and chafing on the breasts.
  • Bright, reflective tape around the edges – visibility in the dark.
  • Wide elastic band and side panels for good firm support around the back.
  • Fully opening racer-back for easy access on and off.
  • Unique strap adjustment so straps won’t go slack.
  • Wide, padded non- slip straps for extreme comfort.
  • High performance fabric – Durable, breathable, and moisture wicking.
  • New Dry Action System on fabric helps wick away perspiration to keep you cool.


Just recently one of our customers bought the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra and this is her review…

“This is a great sports bra at a good price. Having spent so long using sub-standard sports bras it has been a real reminder of how much a difference the right support can have to overall comfort while playing sport. I am a 34DD and play tennis and go running during the week - this bra is great for both and have no complaints... in fact I probably ought to invest in another one! In addition to now having a great sports bra the service from Knicker Locker was exceptional, I got great advice from the team and delivery was also very prompt.”- Lara Troughton, From Stratton


A little bit about Shock Absorber 

Shock Absorber was recently nominated for Sports Bra brand of the Year at the UK Lingerie Awards 2015 along with Panache Sport, Freya Active and Royce.

Shock Absorber first carried out research in 1994 which prompted the original sports bra. Through the years they have taught women the importance of wearing a sports bra and have now developed a range of sports bras dedicated to specific sporting activities. All their sports bras are designed with cutting edge features that offer fantastic bounce control and phenomenal comfort. They have won a number of awards which is probably the reason behind being one of the bestselling sports bra brands.

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We were able to sneek a quick chat with Mandy Barfoot, a Territory Manager from Shock Absorber who told us the best bits about company and the collection.


  • How long have you worked with Shock Absorber?

I have worked with Shock Absorber for 11 years.


  • Is January a busy month for you because of all the New Year resolutions?

January is always busy in the sportswear market due to back to gym trend & new years resolutions, Shock Absorber work with their retailers to do a national £5 off promotion. Shock Absorber is however an all year round product as it is such an essential part of a kit for most sports.


  • What do you think makes a Shock Absorber bra unique from all the other sports bras?

Shock Absorber understand the importance of breast health and support during exercise, all products are designed and tested alongside the University of Portsmouth who are the world leaders in breast health. We have a collection of sports bras to accommodate all sports from running to yoga. 


  • Which is you favourite Shock Absorber style and why? 

My personal favourite is the Active Multi Sports Bra as it is very supportive and comfortable and is a good all rounder, I love the seasonal colours and i can't wait for the bubble print in grey and coral to be available in May.  


  • What percentage of women are wearing the wrong kind and size of sports bra?

An astounding 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, that's why we recommend that women get professionally fitted. The size of your breasts can change over time as a result of differing factors, so it's important to have a professional fitting regularly. 


  • Is it true that the style and type of bra you wear depends not only on the sport but also the cup size?

Yes, this is true. Whilst exercising even an A cup can move up to 4cm and a G cup up to 14cm. At Shock Absorber the size range for each style is carefully considered, not all styles suit all cup sizes due to the level of support required. The type if activity should also be considered for all cup sizes as some higher impact sports will require more support for example yoga vs. running.


  • Do you have any guidelines for women to work out what bra they need to wear according to their sport and cup size?

Here is a list of basic rules and questions you should ask yourself when it comes to getting the right fit and style:

  • Is you bust fully contained in the cups? Make sure there is no bagginess. 
  • Does the chest band feel firm? Your chest expands when exercising so take some deep breaths and see how it feels. 
  • Have you adjusted the shoulder straps? They should feel secure with no more than 2 inches pulled back.
  • Does the front part of the sports bra sit flat on the sternum? If it lifts it's an indication the cup size is too small. 
  • Have you done the bounce test? Jump up and down and see how it feels! 
  • What sport do i plan to wear this for? Sometimes the name of the bra is an obvious indication of what the bra is best for, but if it's unclear or you're unsure consider the impact of your activity and ask for advice. You can look for features such as front fastening if you do a lot of floor work/yoga, reflective trims are great for night running, iPod wire holders are useful at the gym and seam free inners will prevent chafing. 


  • What are the most common mistakes women make when choosing a sports bra?

A lot of women will choose a fashion sports bra or crop top which may offer very little support, you should consider what type of exercise you are doing and how much support you need. Scientifically tested sports bras will ensure you get the best support you need. Many people don't get a professional fitting and often don't even try before they buy. Comfort when exercising is so important - impacting motivation and performance. Look for bras with features such as padded straps, soft seam-free inner lining for comfort and prevention from chafing, non-rub hook and eyes and product that will effectively combat the bounce. 


  • What are you three top tips for getting the right one?
  • Make sure you have a professional fitting every six months
  • Consider the impact of your sports activity - low impact = yoga/walking, medium impact = aerobics/tennis, high impact = running/ horse riding
  • Invest on the one that feels comfortable because it's an essential part of you sports kit. Comfort = confidence. 


But which one do you buy?

When buying a sports bra, you need to take into consideration what level of impact support you need. Some sports bras are suitable for all types of exercise and activities but you also need to take into account your bra size. A high impact sports bra is generally advised for all women with fuller cup size regardless of their sporting activities.

High Impact - High impact sports bras are designed with extremely firm fabrics for extra support around the bust and the back. They will have high necklines to reduce breast movement. High impact sports include running, tennis and aerobics. There are soft cup and underwired styles available.

Medium Impact - Medium impact sports bras will use lighter fabrics but still offer good support and high necklines for minimal movement. Medium impact sports might include light jogging and weight training.

Low Impact - Low impact sports bras are ideal for cup sizes ranging from A - DD. They are usually designed like a crop top bra with extra support for activities such as cycling, yoga and pilates.


Blog Review  

Miss Sophie Cake, Fashion & Lingerie blogger behind Two Cakes On a Plate recently reviewed our Active Multi Sports Support Bra from Shock Absorber.

Click the link to check out her review!


Sports Bra Test

When buying a sports bra, its important to check the fit is correct before starting any exercising or sports activity. Most women will buy the same size sports bra as their original bra. This is a good starting point, but we advise carrying out a few tests to check the size and support of the bra.

  • Stand in front of a mirror with the sports bra on.
  • Lift your arms and move them around making sure the sports bra stays in place.
  • Try a gentle jog or jump on the spot and check your breasts are not moving or starting to bulge anywhere.
  • Check the back of the bra is sitting straight and not riding up.

A sports bra should fit the same way a normal bra does. The back should sit parallel to the front and the cups should cover the breasts without any bulging. You may find you need to try a bigger cup size in a sports bra to make sure you get the height in the cup and the neckline.


 20 Great Songs for your Workout Playlist

Music is a great motivator when it comes to exercising. We have listed some of our favourite songs that will help keep you going! 

  • Shake it off – Taylor Swift
  • Worth It – Fifth Harmony
  • Hey Ya – Outcast
  • Call on Me – Eric Prydz
  • Summer – Calvin Harris
  • Stronger – Kanye West
  • Pump it up – Danzel
  • Nobody to Love – Sigma
  • Pass Out – Tinie Tempah
  • Shake it – Metro Station
  • Problem – Ariana Grande (feat. Iggy Azalea)
  • Turn the Music Louder – KDA (feat. Tinie Tempah & Katy B)
  • Bang Bang – Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj
  • Changing – Sigma (feat. Paloma Faith)
  • Heroes – Alesso
  • Starships – Nicki Minaj
  • Red Lights – Tiesto
  • Good Feeling – Flo Rida
  • Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
  • I Like to Move It – Reel 2 Real


Here is a link to one of our favourite exercise regimes by Woman's Day. Try it with our playlist for a great workout session. 


Interesting Article

We read an article in the Daily Mail recently about the development of a new Smart sports bra by a San Francisco company OMsignal. It’s called the OMbra and it records a woman’s biometrics and then streams them to an IOS device. This sports bra is built to adapt to a female body that changes day to day and can be used for up to 10 workouts before it needs recharging. Sounds good right? The only thing is…it costs around £100.

Have a look and tell us if you would buy one?


Take care of your sports bra…and it will take care of you 

You now have a well fitting, supportive sports bra…we want to make sure you know the best ways to care for it so it lasts longer.

Depending on how often you wash and wear your sports bra and how full your bust is, on average a sports bra will last between 6–12 months.

Keeping your sports bra clean is important when you are using it constantly and it will most likely need more laundering than your everyday bras. This will depend on the activities you are doing, how much you sweat and your own preferences.

We advise you wash your sports bras by hand to make sure they keep their best qualities including colour, softness and elasticity. A mild bleach-free detergent is perfect to use for all your lingerie. Gently let it soak in cool/warm water before rinsing it out.

For an easier, eco-friendly solution, take a look at Soak Wash. This formulation can be used for hand-washing and delicate machine-washing without the need for rinsing and it won’t leave any overbearing scents on your garments. Ideal, right? Check out the selection of wonderful fragrances at or get in touch with us on and you may get a free sample…

We do not recommend machine-washing any lingerie unless the care label advises. If you machine-wash your sports bra or any of your lingerie, make sure you use one of our lingerie bags for extra protection against abrasive fabrics and colours and keep it on a gentle cycle.

If machine-washing is not done correctly or left on for an excess amount of time it can cause lingerie to shrink, misshape the underwires and discolour or destroy the fabrics. 

Lastly, leave your sports bra to dry and air naturally. With high performance fabrics used in most sports bras, it should dry quickly.


When you know it’s time to replace your sports bra…  

Even with the best care in the world, eventually your sports bra will need replacing. Here are a few signs to look out for so you know when it's time to replace with a new one:

  • More movement of your breasts when exercising.
  • If the bra feels and looks too big.
  • If you have gone on the tightest hook at the back and it still feels loose.
  • If you have lost weight and changed bra size.
  • If you are pregnant.
  • If the fabric is generally worn and pilling and the tag isn’t visible anymore. 

Exercise and sports activities are great for your physical health and mental well-being but you must not forget to support your breasts while doing them. With no support, you could experience tenderness and tightness in the breast tissue potentially causing pain and discomfort. A sports bra is just as crucial as your running shoes or gym kit. Don’t forget, when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is especially important since your hormones increase breast sensitivity.

Make it essential and keep your bra and yourself in tip top condition.

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